Kossi Province

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Location in Burkina Faso
Location in Burkina Faso
Provincial map of its departments
Provincial map of its departments
Country  Burkina Faso
Region Boucle du Mouhoun
Capital Nouna
 • Total 2,828 sq mi (7,324 km2)
Population (2006)
 • Total 272,223
Time zone GMT 0 (UTC+0)

The Province de la Kossi lies in the western part of Burkina Faso and stretches to the border with Mali. It is in the Boucle du Mouhoun Region. The capital of Kossi is the town of Nouna, which has a mayor and high commissioner. The next largest town in Kossi is Djibasso, the last major town on the road from Nouna that heads west into Mali.

Kossi is among the less developed provinces of Burkina Faso. Kossi has no paved roads and so, despite its access to Mali, is less traversed than provinces to the north and south that boast paved roads across the border.

The population of Kossi in 2006 was 272,223. It is a rural province with 253,793 of its residents living in the countryside; only 18,440 live in urban areas. There are 135,342 men living in Kossi Province and 136,891 women.[1]

Kossi is divided into 10 departments:

The Departments of Kossi
Departments Capitals Population
(Census 2006)[1]
Barani Department Barani 44,237
Bomborokui Department Bomborokui 15,257
Bourasso Department Bourasso 12,548
Djibasso Department Djibasso 49,730
Dokuy Department Dokuy 28,642
Doumbala Department Doumbala 26,643
Kombori Department Kombori 8,300
Madouba Department Madouba 6,590
Nouna Department Nouna 70,010
Sono Department Sono 7,276

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Coordinates: 12°44′N 3°51′W / 12.733°N 3.850°W / 12.733; -3.850