Kostis Gimossoulis

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Kostis Gimossoulis
Born 1960
Athens, Greece
Occupation Poet, novelist
Nationality Greek
Period 1983–present

Kostis Gimossoulis (Greek: Κωστής Γκιμοσούλης; born 1960) is a Greek poet and novelist. He read Law at the University of Athens. He is also a draughtsman and watercolorist, and Μαύρος Χρυσός (Golden Black), a book he published in 2001, contains poems, stories and watercolors he produced.

Selected works[edit]


  • Ο ξυλοκόπος πυρετός (The fever of the thief),1983
  • Η Αγία Μελάνη (Fully ink), 1983
  • Το στόμα κλέφτης (The thief mouth), 1986
  • Επικίνδυνα παιδιά (Dangerous boys), 1992
  • Αγάπη από ζήλια (Jealously returning to Love), anthology, 2004


  • Μια νύχτα με την κόκκινη (One night with red woman), 1995
  • Ανατολή (Anatoli), 1998
  • Βρέχει φως (Rained Light), 2002

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