Kota Hoshino

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Kota Hoshino
Born (1975-04-23) April 23, 1975 (age 40)[1]
Tokyo, Japan[1]
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Video game composer
Notable work Armored Core series

Kota Hoshino (星野康太 Hoshino Kota?) (born April 23, 1975 in Tokyo, Japan[1]) is a Japanese musical composer. He is the chief composer at the From Software video game development company, his primary compositions being for the company's flagship franchise, Armored Core.

Hoshino was educated at Surugadai University and began working at From Software in spring of 1998.[1] His first project with the company was Echo Night for the PlayStation. As the game uses very little music, some unused tracks from the game were later used in Evergrace.[1] Hoshino states that he cannot read music, so he does not compose orchestral scores.[1]



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