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Coordinates: 32°32′0″N 69°34′0″E / 32.53333°N 69.56667°E / 32.53333; 69.56667 Kotkay or Kotkai is a small village near Aloch in the Shangla District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. There are two villages name as Kotkay. One is Malak Khel Kotkay and the other is Wahab Khel Kotkay. Both have a population about 1000 peoples each. The Malak Khel Kotkay has its own high school due to which people came there from Wahab Khel Kotkay for Education. Originally the villages of Kotkay and Nimkalay were a single area referred to as Aloch-1, then it was divided into two villages.


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