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Kottakkunnu is a very beautiful tourist location in Malappuram district, Kerala.

Kottakkunnu is a tourist destination in Kerala in Malappuram district, India.


Kottakkunnu is one of the recently developed areas in Malappuram District. it is located in the heart of Malappuram city and 50 km from Kozhikode,12 km from Kottakkal, 25 km from Karipur Airport, 17 km from Angadipuram railway station and 29 km from Tirur railway station. Visitors are allowed up to 9pm.[clarification needed]

The Municipality of Malappuram City created the Kottakkunnu Amusement Park (Water Theme Park) in the valley of Kottakkunnu,[1] which means "Fort Hill".[2] Kottakkunnu is situated up-hill from the KSRTC bus terminal.