Kotwica coat of arms

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Kotwica Coat of Arms
Battle cry: -
Alternative names Kotwica i Grono
Earliest mention unknown
Towns none
Families 22 altogether: Achmatowicz, Achmeciewicz, Barszczewski, Bartoszewicz, Chamyr, Chawryłowicz, Geppert, Gutowski, Idzykowski, Jesiotrowski, Kęstowicz, Kołątaj, Misiuna, Missun, Missuna, Obuchow, Onichimowski, Oniechimowski, Stumberg, Turnowski, Wargira, Wiłkucki

Kotwica (Polish for "Anchor") is a Polish coat of arms. It was used by several szlachta (noble) families under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


The Kotwica coat of arms was particularly popular among families of foreign origin indigenated in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.


Gules, an Argent anchor, with three lopped branches on the dexter, all proper, debruised of a loop or anille in chief, also proper. Out of a crest coronet, three feathers.

Alternatively the shield is Argent and the anchor Black, Brunatre or Or.

Notable bearers[edit]

Notable bearers of this coat of arms have included:

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