Kousa Mahshi

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"Kousa Mahshi", stuffed zucchini

Kousa Mahshi (Arabic: كوسا محشي‎) or Stuffed Marrows is squash or zucchini stuffed with rice and meat.[1] It is made in, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, and Cyprus.[citation needed] This dish is served hot as a main course. In Syria, this dish is flavored with mint and garlic. In Cyprus, the flowers of the marrow are also stuffed.[2]

The cultivar is called 'Cousa' in Robinson and Decker-Walters (1997[3]) p. 77: "Some summer squash cultivars, e.g. the vegetable marrows (Cucurbita pepo) are consumed when almost mature. In the Middle East, nearly mature fruits of 'Cousa' are stuffed with meat and other ingredients, then baked".


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