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Kōsokuya (光束夜) is a Japanese dark psychedelic rock band. This rock outfit, founded by guitarist Jutok Kaneko in the late 1970s, has released only a handful of recordings internationally, and scant more in their local Tokyo underground scene. Their sound has been compared to Japanese psych-rock legends Fushitsusha.

Kaneko died on January 24th, 2007.


The classic trio line-up that recorded the first album, and reformed in recent years was:
Jutok Kaneko (guitar, vocals) Ikuro Takahashi (ex-High Rise, Fushitsusha) (drums) Mick[disambiguation needed] (bass, vocals)

Other members:
Hiroshi Yokoyama (synth, 1978-1979), Toshiko Watanabe (drums, 1979), Asahito Nanjo (bass, 1982-1983), Munehiro Narita (drums, 1982-1983), Atsushi Ishiguro (drums, 1983-84), Takahashi Ikurou (drums, 1989-90), Hibari Nagao (drums, 1994-1997), Emily (bass), Sachiko (vocals, synth, bass, 1995-2003), Michinobu Matsubashi (drums, 2000-)


V.A., Heaven Tapes cassette (Heaven, 1979)

Kousokuya LP (Ray Night Music, 1991; CD reissue, PSF, 2003)

V.A., Tokyo Flashback (PSF, 1991)

V.A., Tokyo Flashback 2 (PSF, 1992)

Ray Night 1991-1992 Live (Forced Exposure, 1995)

The Dark Spot w/ Masayoshi Urabe (PSF, 1997)

Live Gyakuryu Kokuu (PSF, 2004)

First Live 1979 Kichijoji Minor (PSF, 2006)

Echoes From Deep Underground (Archive, 2007)


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