Kowloon Tsai Park

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Kowloon Tsai Park entrance at Inverness Road.
The "checkerboard" on the hill above the park

Coordinates: 22°19′58″N 114°11′00″E / 22.33278°N 114.18333°E / 22.33278; 114.18333

Kowloon Tsai Park (Chinese: 九龍仔公園/九龙仔公园, Pinyin: Jiulongzai Gongyuan) is a park located in the Kowloon Tsai area in of New Kowloon. It lies within the Kowloon City District.

The park consists of 3 football fields (2 artificial grass and 1 natural grass), 2 basketball courts, 2 7-a-side football courts, 1 public swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, a Bauhinia Garden and children's playgrounds.

Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground is part of the park. It consists of an international standard football field, running tracks and a spectator stand with bathroom facilities.

The famous checkerboard for the Kai Tak Runway 13 approach can be found at the top of the park.

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