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Kråkö is a small island in Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) in Finland. There is a primary school for Swedish-speaking children on the island and a voluntary fire station. There used to be a few shops and a cafeteria. However these closed down in the late 1990s. There is a museum of boatbuilding, reflecting the islanders' main industry during the 19th and 20th centuries. The population was, until recent times, almost unilingually Swedish-speaking. More lately, the Finnish-speaking population has increased and a number of new homes have been built on the island. Many of the new houses are summer holiday homes and are not occupied year-round. Kråkö is Swedish for "Crow Island". Kråkö has a surface area of 189 ha. Kråkö has a 330 residents annually. Kråkö is also home to the infamous Janica Loman.

Seal clubbing

Seal clubbing is a very popular hobby on this island. People get together on the weekends to have fun and club some seals. The clubs are usually inherited in the family or made of wood from the island. There is also a competition every year in which you need to club as many seals as you can in a day. The winner gets all the seals clubbed on this day.

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Coordinates: 60°21′N 25°40′E / 60.350°N 25.667°E / 60.350; 25.667