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Former Kraków Town Hall in a depiction from the late 1700s

The historic Town Hall of Kraków known as Ratusz in Polish, was the city's administrative hub and seat of the great council, magistrate, and mayor from the 14th until the early 19th century; located in the centre of the Kraków Old Town. It was one of Poland's oldest seats of civic government. The building was demolished in 1820. Only the Gothic tower remains, serving as prominent example of the Polish Gothic architecture locally.[1]

The building was located in the south-western part of the town's Main Square, situated next to the Kraków Cloth Hall. The construction and reconstruction periods stretch over centuries, with various parts of the building enlarged and remodelled. It was demolished in 1820 when the Main Square was rebuilt, with only the tower being saved, following public protests. The building housed various offices of the city. There are proposals to reconstruct it.

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