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Krakow Post
Logo giornale Krakow Post.jpg
Type Monthly Newspaper
Format Magazine
Owner(s) Lifeboat Limited
Staff writers Independent writers
Founded May 2007 (May 2007) [1]
Language English
Relaunched November 2012 [2]
Headquarters Krakow, Poland
Circulation over 20,000 [3]
ISSN 1898-4762
Official website

The Krakow Post is a monthly magazine based in Krakow, Poland.
Owned by Lifeboat Limited since 2008, the Krakow Post is Krakow’s only English language news magazine. It covers local and national news, politics, culture, business, sports, and human interest stories.[3][4]


Founding and early period[edit]

Originally founded as a weekly in 2007, the newspaper was then led by editor-in-chief Anne Fratczak and founding editor Hal Foster, a former Los Angeles Times journalist.[1][5]


After coming under new ownership in spring of 2008, the Krakow Post was redesigned as a monthly newspaper, with Anna Spysz serving as the editor-in-chief until late 2010.
The new owner, Lifeboat Ltd.,changed the face of the publication, employing a young team of professional editors and journalists to revitalize the magazine.[3]

In January 2011, Jamie Stokes took over her role at the newspaper's helm.[6][7]

In 2011, The New York Times referred to the Krakow Post and other English-language press in Eastern Europe as having acted as "springboards for a generation of American journalists interested in working in the former East Bloc — though not in the servile role of many local publications." [8]


In November 2012, The Krakow Post came under new management and was relaunched in a magazine format.[2]
Published under license by Krakow Media, the Krakow Post has a varied circulation and is distributed to approximately 200 locations in Krakow.[3]


The magazine provides a wide array of written articles, reports, and columns touching different topics:

  • politics and current affairs;
  • business and technology;
  • sports;
  • culture and the arts;
  • all upcoming events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and parties in and around Krakow in the City Life supplement of the magazine;
  • columns on life in Krakow;
  • classifieds and job postings.


The Krakow Post is read by tens of thousands of English-speaking tourists, business people and expatriates as well as local Polish residents.[2][3]

It is distributed to over 200 locations around the city, including tourist information points, embassies and consulates, business centres, all major hotels, popular hostels, restaurants, shops, sports centres, medical centres and language schools.

Print characteristics[edit]

The new editions of the Krakow Post are available in the first week of each month.
It has a broadsheet format (289 x 390 mm), 32 pages, full color. The ISSN of the paper 1898-4762. The magazine is free both in its digital and print editions.


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