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The Krank logo as the faceplate of a Revolution head

Krank Amplification (2003-2013) was an American company based in Arizona that designed and manufactured guitar amplifiers. Krank manufactured tube amplifiers.


Designed by Tony Krank, Krank Amplification made guitar amplifiers in the United States beginning in 2003. All products were made in the USA, at the factory and world headquarters, located in Tempe and later Chandler, Arizona. Their Krankenstein model was made as a signature amplifier for Dimebag Darrell prior to his death. Other amplifier models include the Revolution Series 1, Krankenstein +, Rev +, Nineteen80, Chadwick Series, Rev Jr Standard, Krankenstein Jr, Nineteen80 Jr and Rev Jr Pro. The model known as the SST is a hybrid solid-state power amp / tube preamp. Tony Krank left the company in August 2010, and Krank Amplification folded in 2013 at the end of 1st quarter.


In late 2013, it was announced that Tony Krank had regained the Krank brand, and would rename the company to Revolution Amplification.

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