Krapina (river)

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River Krapina Zaprešić.jpg
River Krapina near Zaprešić
Mouth Sava
Basin countries Croatia
Length 75 km (47 mi)

Krapina is a Croatian river flowing through Krapina-Zagorje County and Zagreb County. It is a tributary to the Sava. The confluence of the Krapina River and the Sava River is near Zaprešić. Its length is 75 km (47 mi) and its basin covers an area of 1,123 km2 (434 sq mi).[1]

The hydrological parameters of Krapina are regularly monitored in Croatia at Kupljenovo.[2]


Coordinates: 45°53′N 15°49′E / 45.883°N 15.817°E / 45.883; 15.817