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For other uses, see Krasnoselsky (disambiguation).
Moscow Metro station
Krasnoselskaya mosmetro.JPG
Station statistics
Address Krasnoprudnaya street
Krasnoselsky District
Central Administrative Okrug
Coordinates 55°46′48″N 37°40′02″E / 55.7801°N 37.6673°E / 55.7801; 37.6673Coordinates: 55°46′48″N 37°40′02″E / 55.7801°N 37.6673°E / 55.7801; 37.6673
Line(s) !C  1  Sokolnicheskaya Line
Connections Bus: 40, 122
Trolleybus: 14, 41
Tram: 7, 37, 45, 50
Structure type Shallow column double-vault
Depth 8 metres (26 ft)[citation needed]
Levels 1
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 2
Parking No
Bicycle facilities No
Baggage check No
Other information
Opened 15 May 1935[1]
Station code 005[1]
Owned by Moskovsky Metropoliten
Preceding station   Moscow Metro   Following station
toward  Troparyovo
Sokolnicheskaya Line
Krasnoselskaya is located in Moscow Ring Road
Moscow map MKAD metro line.svg

Krasnoselskaya (Russian: Красносе́льская) is a Moscow Metro station in the Krasnoselsky District, Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow. It is on the Sokolnicheskaya Line, between Komsomolskaya and Sokolniki stations. Krasnoselskaya is located under Krasnoprudnaya street, east of the intersection with Krasnoselskaya street.


The section of the Sokolnicheskaya Line between Sokolniki and Komsomolskaya was built under Krasnoprudnaya street, using the cut and cover method. Construction work on Krasnoselskaya began in spring 1933, and the station opened along with other 9 stations of the line on 15 May 1935.[citation needed]


The planned passenger volume at Krasnoselskaya was relatively low, so the station was built with a narrower platform than the other stations of the first line.[citation needed] The station has one row of ten-sided columns, which are faced with red and yellow Crimean marble. The walls are finished with yellow and red ceramic tile and punctuated at regular intervals by concrete pilasters. The architects of the station were B. Vilenskiy and V. Yershov.[1]


Krasnoselskaya was originally planned to have entrances at two ends, but only the western one, located at the northeast corner of Krasnoprudnaya street and Upper Krasnoselskaya street, was built. In 2005 the vestibule's original tile floor was replaced with similarly-coloured marble.[citation needed]


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