Kratts' Creatures

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Kratts' Creatures
Genre Children's television series
Created by Martin Kratt
Chris Kratt
Leo Eaton
Presented by Chris Kratt
Martin Kratt
Starring Shannon Duff
Ron Rubin
Theme music composer Pure West
Country of origin United States and Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 50
Executive producer(s) Jon Slan
Leo Eaton
Richard Borchiver
Producer(s) Wilson Coneybeare
Original channel PBS
Original run June 3, 1996 (1996-06-03) – August 9, 1996 (1996-08-09)
Followed by Zoboomafoo
Related shows Wild Kratts

Kratts' Creatures is a half-hour children's television program on PBS Kids. The show was hosted by the Kratt Brothers, Chris and Martin. It also featured Shannon Duff as Allison Baldwin and Ron Rubin as the voice of an animated anthropomorphic dinosaur. The show introduced its viewers to the world of animals. 50 episodes were produced in total. The show ran for only one season on PBS from June 3, 1996 until August 9, 1996. Then after cancellation, aired reruns until June 9, 2000. Due to its popularity the show inspired an unofficial spinoff, Zoboomafoo, another show created by the Kratts, which premiered on January 25, 1999.


  • Kratt Brothers: Two creature adventurer brothers who explore the creature world.
    • Chris Kratt: The younger brother. In North America and Africa, Chris is usually the one wearing green while in Central America and Australia, he is usually the one wearing red.
    • Martin Kratt: The older brother. In North America, Africa and Australia, Martin is usually the one wearing blue while in Central America, he is usually the one wearing white.
  • Allison Baldwin (Shannon Duff): Usually known by her nickname "Al", she helps the Kratt Brothers with her computer, while at the same time learning some things about certain animals that she never heard before.
  • Ttark (voiced by Ron Rubin): A blue, dinosaur-like creature appearing on monitors throughout the creature club. His name is "Kratt" spelled backwards and his catchphrase is "Abso-tively", which is a mix of "absolutely" and "positively". He claims to know many facts about animals but many of these facts are out of date since he "went extinct" millions of years ago.
  • Ken the Hippo-Test Dummy: A crash-test dummy used for several experiments.


  • A Kratt Brothers Scientific Experiment
  • Salad or Creature
  • A Chris and Martin Kratt Scientific Study
  • Stupid Things Not To Do With Animals

Featured animals[edit]













Episode list[edit]

  1. "Big Five Little Five" original air date 2 June 1996
  2. "City Critters"* original air date 4 June 1996
  3. "Sharks" original air date 5 June 1996
  4. "Running With the Wild Dogs" original air date 6 June 1996
  5. "In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger" original air date 7 June 1996
  6. "The Great Defenders" original air date 10 June 1996
  7. "Pan Troglodytes: An In-depth Analysis" original air date 11 June 1996
  8. "The Great Canadians" original air date 12 June 1996
  9. "Rain Forests: Under the Canopy" original air date 13 June 1996
  10. "Creatures of the Night" original air date 14 June 1996
  11. "Elephants 1: Educating Emily" original air date 17 June 1996
  12. "Elephants 2: Wild Elephants Can't Drag Me Away" original air date 18 June 1996
  13. "Weird Creatures" original air date 19 June 1996
  14. "Planet of the Dolphins" original air date 20 June 1996
  15. "The Great Bear Show" original air date 21 June 1996
  16. "Mgobo of Baboon Mountain"* original air date 24 June 1996
  17. "The How Show"* original air date 25 June 1996
  18. "Kickboxing Kangaroos" original air date 26 June 1996
  19. "The Giant Bug Invasion" original air date 27 June 1996
  20. "Heavyweights of Africa" original air date 28 June 1996
  21. "The Redcoats Are Coming" original air date 1 July 1996
  22. "The Cow Show" original air date 2 July 1996
  23. "Maximum Cheetah Velocity" original air date 3 July 1996
  24. "Wild Ponies" original air date 4 July 1996
  25. "Who's Who?"* original air date 5 July 1996
  26. "Arribada 1: Sea Turtle Invasion" original air date 8 July 1996
  27. "Arribada 2: Running the Gauntlet" original air date 9 July 1996
  28. "Around Australia in Eight Days" original air date 10 July 1996
  29. "Hyenas Are Cool" original air date 11 July 1996
  30. "Mungu's Revenge" original air date 12 July 1996
  31. "Creature Rescue" original air date 15 July 1996
  32. "Lion, King of Beasts?" original air date 16 July 1996
  33. "Marsh Mania" original air date 17 July 1996
  34. "Why?"* original air date 18 July 1996
  35. "Koalas or Wombats" original air date 19 July 1996
  36. "Backyard Bandits"* original air date 22 July 1996
  37. "Hanging with the Monkeys" original air date 23 July 1996
  38. "The Best of the Best" original air date 24 July 1996
  39. "Polyp Power" original air date 25 July 1996
  40. "Wings" original air date 26 July 1996
  41. "Phantom Wolves" original air date 29 July 1996
  42. "Australia: Land of Mystery and Intrigue" original air date 30 July 1996
  43. "Leopard: Prince of Stealth" original air date 31 July 1996
  44. "When?" original air date 1 August 1996
  45. "Parched and Thirsty in the Outback" original air date 2 August 1996
  46. "Gatorglades" original air date 5 August 1996
  47. "Spots and Stripes Forever" original air date 6 August 1996
  48. "Three Cool Cats" original air date 7 August 1996
  49. "Where?" original air date 8 August 1996
  50. "Around Africa in Eight Hours" original air date 9 August 1996

The * shows episodes in which Ttark did not appear.

VHS releases[edit]

  • In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger / Mungu's Revenge
  • Ultimate Animals / Big Five, Little Five
  • The Great Defenders / Spots and Stripes
  • Kickboxing Kangaroos / Koalas or Wombats
  • Wild Ponies / Phantom Wolves
  • Leopard: Prince of Stealth / Creatures of the Night
  • When? / The How Show
  • Hyenas are Cool / Three Cool Cats
  • Hanging with the Monkeys / Lion, King of Beasts
  • Heaviweights of Africa / Wings
  • Heaviweights of Africa / Around Africa in Eight Hours
  • Gator Glades / Sharks
  • Rainforests: Under the Canopy / Parched and Thirsty in the Outback
  • Behind the Scenes

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