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Kreis Mogilno was one of many Kreise (counties) in the northern administrative district of Bromberg, in the Prussian province of Posen.


Geographical features[edit]

Mogilno main page (Polish)

Table of Standesämter[edit]

"Standesamt" is the German name of the local civil registration offices which were established in October 1874 soon after the German Empire was formed.

Standesamt Polish name
Altraden Kolodziejewo
Gembitz Gebice


Dombrowo / Dabrowa
Kirchlich Palendzie Palendzie
Mogilno Mogilno
Pakosch Pakosc
Rosenau Jastrzebowo


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Table of all communities[edit]

Table of office holders[edit]

Name When
xxx xxx


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Coordinates: 52°39′00″N 17°57′00″E / 52.650000°N 17.950000°E / 52.650000; 17.950000