Kreuzkirche, Dresden

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The Kreuzkirche at Altmarkt in 2008
Altmarkt and Kreuzkirche, around 1900
Old (pre-baroque) Kreuzkirche, drawing of 1680
Painting by Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto: Reconstruction work in the 1760s

The Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) in Dresden, of the Evangelical Church in Germany, is the largest church in Saxony. It also is the home of the Dresdner Kreuzchor boys' choir.

The church has existed since the early twelfth century; it was officially dedicated on 10 June 1388 to the Holy Cross. Since 1491, it has burned down five times.

In its current form, it was re-opened in 1955.

The director of the choir is known as the Kreuzkantor. Roderich Kreile is the twenty-eighth Kreuzkantor since the Reformation.


Since the Reformation:


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