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Type Limited liability partnership
Industry Cryonics
Founded 2005 (2005)
(8 years ago)
Founders Danila Medvedev
Valerya Pride
Headquarters Moscow, Russian Federation
Area served Global
Key people Valerya Pride, General Director
Danila Medvedev, Chairman
Products Cryopreservation of Humans and pets
Cryopreservation of DNA
Revenue Service fees and donations

KrioRus is the first Russian cryonics company. Established in 2005 by 8 Russian cryonicists, it is the first cryonics company outside the United States, except for Alcor-UK (formerly Mizar Limited).

KrioRus offers neurosuspension (cryopreservation of the brain) (US $12,000 as of July 2013), full-body cryonics suspension (US $36,000 as of July 2013), pet cryonics suspension, DNA storage, body's transportation in dry ice and other related services to clients from Russia, CIS and EU.[1][2]

The company stores the brains of several patients: Lidia Fedorenko, Lubov Chernaya, an anonymous 60-year old man and others, in its facilities outside Moscow. Some full-body patients are also stored.

As of February 2013, KrioRus had 25 humans,[3] 3 cats, 5 dogs and 2 birds in cryopreservation.[4][5]

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