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'Krishna Chaitanya (24 November 1918, Trivandrum district - 5 June 1994) was a writer of Kerala, India.

Though born in Kerala he spent most of his time in Delhi where he was working as a Government of India official. Most of his works are related to the history of literature. He was an art critic, musicologist and photographer also.[1][2]



Samskrithahile Sahitya thathwa chintha

Samskritha Sahithya Charithram

Yavana Sahithya Charithram

Roman Sahithya Charithram

Yahooda Sahithya Charithram

Pilkala Latheen Sahithya Charithram

Egyptian Sahithya Charithram

Mesopotemian Sahithya Charithram

Purathana Greek sahithyam

Purathana Jutha sahithyam

Vijnanathinte moulika Thathwa thrayam

Shasthrathinte Viswavalokanam


Sanskrit Poetics

A new History of Sanskrit literature

Ravi varma

Portfolio of Indian Paintings


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