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Kristan Harris (Born December 1, 1978) is the founder, President & CEO of Snapdragon Records. He founded the label in 2002 in Wisconsin, USA. The label has since grown to include I Voted For Kodos, The Starrs and A Farewell Rescue. Harris has contributed to dozens of releases the label has put out.

Personal life[edit]

Kristan T. Harris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harris is a journalist and researcher for The Rundown Live. Early on in Harris's career he was a concert promoter and expert in concert promotion which involves legal Guerilla marketing. Harris attended college with the intention of a degree in Youth ministries however, fell in love with his passion of music. Harris went on to be guitarist, vocalist and co-writer in 1990s pop punk band Subdue which was featured on several national compilations. The band saw limited rotation on both Rock 102.1 and Laser 102.9 for their song "Sitting In Paradise". Subdue performed on Van's Warped Tour in 2004 hand picked by Kevin Lyman for the Ernie Ball Stage performing alongside Story of the Year, Bowling For Soup, and Big D & The Kids Table. In 2004 he sang on stage with Count The Stars at Van's Warped Tour for part of "Taking it all back". After touring he started Snapdragon Records. He currently resides in South Milwaukee. Harris played his last show on October 9, 2004 after achieving his dream, to perform alongside his hero Mike Herrera of MxPx. He is a libertarian-leaning member of the Republican Party. In 2012 Harris was featured on multiple national radio networks speaking on liberty, voter fraud and equal rights. He also has been on numerous radio shows discussing politics, secret societies, ancient history, alternative history,drones, giants, vaccines, Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg groups. Harris is a researcher of giant human skeletons around the United States.

Professional career[edit]

Harris as a business manager has historically revived struggling businesses. In recent years he has improved multiple struggling suburban and inner city businesses and turned them into thriving sales locations increasing sales sometimes exceeding 200% over the previous year sales. He performed in the Top 1% At Fortune 500 Company Best Buy sharing the Achievers award after a relocation of a struggling location in 2006.

Political career[edit]

The "Kristan T. Harris Campaign For Freedom" declared candidacy March 31, 2012. Harris ran for State Assembly District #20. The district includes St. Francis, Cudahy, and a sliver of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The district part of a controversial re-districting. Harris was nominated and elected to the Wisconsin Republican Party Platform Committee in 2012. He was part of the Republican Platform reform that took place on April 28, 2012. He was involved with the Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2012, helping as Milwaukee event coordinator for the grassroots organization. He is also a member of Oath Keepers. On August 14 Harris received 38% of the votes on a budget under $200. Spreading ideology of small government, smart spending, Agenda 21, NDAA, drones and the endangerment of our personal liberties. Harris lost to GOP pick Molly Mcgartland in the primary. On September 1, 2012 Harris was offered and rejected a position with Libertarian Parties Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson's campaign as Media Coordinator for the state of Wisconsin. Harris was also nominated & elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012 being part of a controversial revamp that includes a full audit of the federal reserve and a return to the charity system instead of government run welfare both Libertarian ideologies.

Free & Equal Media Network[edit]

Kristan Harris is currently is The Network Producer for Free and Equal Elections Foundation. Free & Equal featured this years first televised 3rd party debates hosted by Larry King. Millions tuned in to hear alternative options. He also is currently the Free & Equal Networks podcast producer as well.

Blogging Success "The Critical Thinker"[edit]

Harris as a blogger for the (Milwaukee, Wi) and has written top traffic news articles consistently since joining the blog roll in December 2012. Harris was the top traffic blogger of any citynow site in 2013. Harris has written 4 articles on giants that have received national attention from major online news outlets.His primary research on human giant skeletons found in America is supported by over 1,000 newspaper clippings collaborating credible universities, the Smithsonian Institution with legitimate scientists that where present at the dig sites.

The Rundown Live[edit]

Harris is currently co-host, journalist, researcher and talent manager of alternative news & talk radio show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called The Rundown Live. The show is a TV/Radio pilot that has exceeded its expectations and is primarily an internet broadcast. The Rundown Live covers national and world happenings with a twist of Coast 2 Coast madness. The show has featured numerous high profile personalities from TV stars to scientists. The Rundown Live is syndicated through Truth Broadcasting Network, FPRN radio and is available for free on cell phones through your "Local" App store. The show in August 2013 went global and currently reaches 121 countries world wide and has reached over 500,000 people globally.