Kristen (given name)

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Pronunciation kriss-ten
Gender Unisex
Word/name Ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew
Meaning anointed, christian
Other names
Related names Christian, Christine

Kristen is a first name, the Breton, Danish or Norwegian form of Christian.[1] It is borne as a male name in Scandinavia as it originally was. In Breton, it is a male and female name. In English-speaking countries however, Kristen is now usually a female name, used as an alternative spelling of Kristin, a Scandinavian form of Christine.[2]

Spelling variants[edit]

In Denmark, the name can also be spelt Christen. In Icelandic, the nominative spelling is Kristinn, and is sometimes mistaken as female by other Europeans.

List of people with the given name Kristen[edit]