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Kilden Performing Arts Centre seen from the sea front

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra (KSO, Norwegian: Kristiansand Symfoniorkester) is a professional symphony orchestra in Kristiansand, Norway with approx. 50 full-time musicians. Artistic director is Rolf Gupta.[1]

One of the precursors for the Symphony Orchestra was Kristiansand Byorkester, founded in 1919. It was then an amateur orchestra with some professional musicians in the ranks. In the 1980s, became the first professional string orchestra employed, and the Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra occurred.

Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra has had its current form since 2003, following the merger between Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra and the defunct Armed Forces Band of Southern Norway, which had its roots back to 1818. KSO preserve traditions from before the merger, in that the strings act as Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra and blowers under the name of Kristiansand Blåseensemble. However, the bulk of the business is now the symphony orchestra.[2]

KSO keeps most of its concerts in the recently opened Kilden Performing Arts Centre and Kristiansand Cathedral. At Kilden Performing Arts Centre, KSO is co-located with Agder Teater and Opera Sør. They also frequently occur elsewhere in the counties of Aust-Agder - and Vest-Agder. Office and music rehearsal locations are in Marvika in Kristiansand.

Artistic leaders and Chief Conductors for Kristiansand Byorkester/ Symphony Orchestra[edit]

Gunnar Abrahamsen (1919–1921)
Rolf Balchen (1945–195?)
Zador Sabadoz
Heinz Freudenthal (1960s)
Jon Robertson (1979–1987)
Terje Boye Hansen (2001–2006)
Rolf Gupta (2006-2013)
Giordano Bellincampi (2013- )

Artistic leaders for Kristiansand Chamber Orchestra[edit]

Stephan Barratt-Due
Jan Stigmer (1996–2003)
Pierre Amoyal (2007–2010)


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