Kristin Sigurdsdatter

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Kristin Sigurdsdatter
Spouse Erling Skakke
Issue Magnus Erlingsson
Old Norse Kristin Sigurðardóttir
House House of Hardrada
Father Sigurd I Magnusson
Mother Malmfred of Kiev
Born ca. 1125
Died ca. 1178

Kristin Sigurdsdatter (ca. 1125-1178) was a Norwegian princess and mother of King Magnus V of Norway.[1]

Kristin the daughter of King Sigurd I of Norway and Malmfred of Kiev making her the only legitimate child of King Sigurd. Kristin married Erling Skakke with whom she had a son, Magnus Erlingsson. Erling Skakke was a Norwegian nobleman who earned his reputation crusading with Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, the Earl of Orkney.[2]

In 1130, King Sigurd died with no legitimate sons. Magnus Sigurdsson, the illegitimate son of King Sigurd, became king of Norway. Magnus became king of Norway together with his uncle Harald Gille who had four sons Inge, Eystein, Sigurd and Magnus Haraldsson, all of whom became kings of Norway.

Following the death of King Inge in 1161, Magnus Erlingsson, the son of Kristin Sigurdsdatter, was named king and crowned in 1163, at the age of eight.[3]