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Kristofer Hill
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Background information
Birth name Kristofer Thomas Hill
Born (1979-10-13)October 13, 1979
Maplewood, New Jersey, United States
Genres pop, rock, soul, Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, educator, multi-instrumentalist
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, beatbox, drums, cajon, other percussion
Years active 1979–present
Labels Independent, Universatile Music,
Associated acts Emerson Laffey, The Drunken Immmortals, Calo Flamenco, Chris Burton Jacome Ensemble
Website []

Kristofer Thomas Hill (born in Summit, New Jersey on October 13, 1979) is an American Musician, Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Philosopher, Pianist, and multi Percussionist.

Raised in Maplewood, New Jersey, Kristofer began singing & piano lessons at the age of four. Other instruments followed such as the clarinet, bassoon, bass, and drums, and at the age of thirteen the guitar. Inspired by a diverse range of music from Mozart to Hendrix. Kristofer began his quest for creating and performing all styles of music from flamenco, to Hip Hop, to jazz, to classical. He cites performing at Woodstock, on Max Yasgurs farm in 1997 with the Buddy Miles band, in the fabled barn in which such greats as The Who and Jimi Hendrix had played, as the turning point in his life as a musician.

After graduating from Columbia High School at age seventeen, Kris enrolled at Arizona State University, where he began active work as a composer, guitarist, percussionist, pianist, and a dance accompanist for modern dance and ballet. Kris began performing and collaborating with jazz combos, rock bands, hip-hop groups, flamenco ensembles, performance artists, choreographers, visual artists, and educators, helping to mould his approach to sound, performance, and music education.

At the ASU West's Interdisciplinary arts and multimedia program Kris studied orchestration and analog & digital recording concepts with Richard Lehrman and Daniel Lentz, with Arthur Sabatini in film, modernism, Joseph Campbell, futurism, bahaus, dada and post-modernism, and attended seminal workshops with Dr. R. Murray Schaeffer, Chuck Maronic, David Friesen, Tony Malaby, Rob Kaplan & Mark Chisolm in modern performance concepts and practice.

As a dance accompanist he has worked with and accompanied such artists as Pina Bausch, Sean Curran, Ib Andersen, David Dorfman, Robert Moses, Ronald K. Brown, Evidence, Delphos Dance, Twyla Tharp, and Jennifer Tsukyama.

Over thirty of his compositions for modern dance performance have been performed all over the US in such venues as the Joyce Theater, Soho, Gammage Auditorium, NYU, Arizona Museum for Youth, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, and Phoenix Symphony Hall. His scores can be heard with The Paper Project, Scorpius Dance Theater's: FANTASY, Keith Johnson, Conder Dance, Movement Source Dance Company, Kim Karpanti, Pippa Frame, and in the film Universal Soldier: Regeneration.

He is a guest artist with Free Arts of AZ,[1] a non-profit organization whose mission is to help educate and heal troubled and at risk youth in AZ through the arts, music, theater, and dance. Kris teaches guitar and drum/body percussion workshops at schools and group homes all over AZ.
He is program director of the Ear Candy charity and director of music at Metro Arts Institute. Kris is also the guitar instructor and director of a 30 piece "guitorchestra" at Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Scottsdale, AZ.

His desire for performance is also demonstrated by his involvement and membership of some of the United States finest ensembles as a percussionist, guitarist, and keyboardist.

Calo Flamenco: Ballet de Martin Gaxiola - One of the US's largest flamenco reparatory ensembles. Replete with nine dancers, and eight musicians and singers under the musical direction of guitarist/composer Chris Burton Jacome, Calo's Broadway ready show is bringing flamenco to large audiences across the US and abroad.

Drunken Immortals - An 8 piece live hip-hop band who tours and performs internationally, has performed with such heavy weights as KRS1, Public Enemy, Living Legends, Black Sheep, and DJ ZTrip to name a few. Members include BradB, Mike Cause, DJ Pickster, Dumper Foo, Jeremy Dana, and Foundation.

Jody Marie Gnant and BoGeSO - the band who was part of Kyle MacDonald's one red paper clip story. Performed in Canada at Kyle's house warming party and jammed out with Corbin Bernsen. The trade resulted in studio time at Metalworks Studios.


  • Drunken Immortals "Live" - 2001
  • Blow Up Co-op - 2002 - Collective works from AZ Hip-Hop musicians and MC's
  • Collective Memory - 2002 - Farbeon
  • Soul Revolution - 2003 - Drunken Immortals
  • Foundation - 2003 - Produced by foundation
  • Brad B.: Drifter - 2005 - Produced by foundation
  • Hot Concrete - 2006 - Drunken Immortals feat. Abstract Rude and Dres
  • Ganesha:Music for Modern - 2006 - Kristofer T. Hill
  • Flamenco - 2006 - Chris Burton Jacome ensemble
  • Fantasy - 2007 - Sound track for Scorpius Dance Theater Production inspired by Michael Parks paintings
  • Pivot - 2007 - Jody Gnant and BoGeSo
  • David & Lisa - 2008 - Soundtrack for Scorpius Dance Theater production
  • A Vampire Tale- 2009 - Soundtrack for Scorpius Dance Theater production
  • Insects: Gone- 2009 - Hip Hop
  • Levanto - 2010 - Music from Ballet de Martin Gaxiola's flamenco dance production Levanto


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