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Krizz Kaliko
Krizz Kaliko on 2008-07-01.JPG
Krizz Kaliko at release signing for Tech N9ne's Killer on July 1, 2008
Background information
Birth name Samuel William Christopher Watson
Also known as Big Krizz Kaliko
Born (1974-03-07) March 7, 1974 (age 40)
Origin Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Genres Hip Hop
Funkra (Funk, Rap, Rock, R&B, Opera), Horrorcore
Instruments Rapping
Years active 1999–present[1]
Labels Strange Music
Associated acts K.A.B.O.S.H., Tech N9ne, E-40, Kutt Calhoun, 816 Boyz, Big Scoob

Samuel William Christopher Watson[2] (born March 7, 1974 in Kansas City, Missouri[3]) better known by his stage name Krizz Kaliko, is an American rapper and singer. He is a longtime collaborator with fellow hometown native, Tech N9ne, and is signed to the label that Tech co-owns, Strange Music.


Krizz Kaliko began his musical career in the late 1990s when he began working with a local producer by the name of IcyRoc Kraven. Another local rapper by the name of Tech N9ne was also collaborating with IcyRoc at the time, which led to the two rappers meeting. At the time, Tech N9ne was working on a song titled "Who You Came To See" and Krizz made a comment that the song could have a better hook. Tech offered up the opportunity to prove his case, and Tech was blown away when Kaliko proved just that. Tech would bring Kaliko into his "inner circle" which would eventually result in Kaliko signing to the new-found label Strange Music co-owned by Tech N9ne and Travis O'guin.

Since then, Kaliko has often contributed to albums put out by Tech N9ne, be it being featured as a rapper or simply providing background vocals for the tracks on the album. Although the largest portion of his work is that of his collaborations with Tech, he has also performed similar tasks for fellow labelmates Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman & Snug Brim, and Prozak. Other collaborations include tracks with the Kottonmouth Kings, Potluck, E-40, T-Pain, Twiztid, and Andy Mineo.

His debut album, Vitiligo released on May 6, 2008, charted on several Billboard charts including peaking at number 19 on the Top Independent Albums in the week of May 28, 2008. In the same week, he peaked at number 167 on the Billboard 200.

His second studio album, Genius, was released on July 14, 2009.

A number of his songs can be heard in the background of the strip club scenes in the movie "Big Fan" starring Patton Oswalt.

Krizz chose the title Shock Treatment for his third studio album. Other titles he considered were "Son of Sam" and "Walk on Water."[4]

"S.I.C.", his first EP, was released on May 17, 2011. In June 2011, he was featured on Winnipeg's Most's second single, Forgive Me, from their second album GoodFellaz.

On May 15, 2012, Krizz released his fourth studio album, titled Kickin' and Screamin'. It is currently his highest charting album on the Billboard 200. The album has features from long-time collaborator Tech N9ne, as well as rappers Twista, Chamillionaire, T-Pain, Twiztid and Rittz, while the production is almost entirely handled by Seven. In November, Krizz released his second EP Neh'mind. The song "Damage" featuring Snow Tha Product was made the lead single. A video for "Damage" was shot and released on YouTube on December 14, and got over 100,000 views in two weeks.

Personal life[edit]

Krizz Kaliko married his wife, Crystal, in 2005.[2] They have a son, born June 6, 2006.

Krizz suffers from an autoimmune form of vitiligo, a skin condition characterized by smooth, white patches on various parts of the body, caused by the loss of natural pigment.[2] Several of these patches are clearly visible on his face. He would later use the name of the disease he suffers from as the title for his debut album. Krizz has also been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.[2] On his second album, he titled one of the tracks after the disorder.[1]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Billboard 200
Top Independent
Top R&B/Hip-Hop
Top Rap
2008 Vitiligo 167 19 50 20 15,634[9]
2009 Genius 85 12 14 3 5,300[10]
2010 Shock Treatment[4] 97 20 17 7 4,806
2012 Kickin' and Screamin'[12] 43 11 7 4 24,941[13]
2013 Son of Sam 56 11 15 11 8,000[14]
2014 Illuminated [15]
with Kabosh
Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Billboard 200 Top Independent Top R&B/Hip-Hop Top Rap
TBD Amafrican Psycho To Be Released
"—" indicates albums that did not chart.


Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
Billboard 200 Top Independent Top R&B/Hip-Hop Top Rap
2011 S.I.C. 42 42 22 1,080
2012 Neh'mind 161 16 29 16 3,800
"—" indicates albums that did not chart.

Guest appearances[edit]

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Other artist(s) Album
"Keep On Keepin' On" 2002 Tech N9ne Absolute Power
"I'm a Playa"
"Hydro" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun
"The Grench" Tech N9ne, Boy Big
"Walk With a Limp" Kutt Calhoun
"Hip Hop Warning" 2004 Kutt Calhoun B.L.E.V.E.
"Nationality (Parlaa Remix)"
"Keep It Keeblur" Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne
"Walk With a Limp" Kutt Calhoun
"Got Plans"
"The Know How"
"N a Whitemanzeyez" Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne
"My Life" Kutt Calhoun
"Dat Nigga Dare"
"Get Ready" Kutt Calhoun, Grant Rice N/A
"Lapdance" Skatterman & Snug Brim, Tech N9ne Urban Legendz
"Life In the Game" Skatterman & Snug Brim
"Kansas City (Concrete Jungle)" Skatterman & Snug Brim, Greed, Kutt Calhoun, BG Bulletwound
"Save Yourself" 2005 N/A Vintage Tech
"I'm a Playa" (Remix) Tech N9ne
"Snake Ya" Tech N9ne
"Real Life" Grave Plott Puttin' U In
"No Can Do" 2006 Tech N9ne Everready (The Religion)
"Welcome to the Midwest" Tech N9ne
"Fuck'em Girl" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun
"Playa Like Me" Kutt Calhoun
"Let It Go" N/A
"The Need" N/A
"Midwest Choppers" 2007 Tech N9ne, D-Loc, Dalima Misery Loves Kompany
"That Box" Tech N9ne, Greed, Kutt Calhoun, Skatterman & Snug Brim
"Gangsta Shap" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun
"Sex Out South"
"Fan or Foe" Tech N9ne, T-Nutty
"2 Piece" Tech N9ne, Big Scoob, Joe Vertigo
"Yeah Ya Can" Tech N9ne, Shadow
"You Don't Want It" Tech N9ne, Mr. Reece, Prozak
"I'm da One" Kutt Calhoun Flamez Mixtape
"Putcha On da Flamez"
"We Can't Stop" Kutt Calhoun, 2Pac
"Bury 'Em All" Twiztid, Tech N9ne, Potluck Independents Day
"City 2 City" Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne Cloud Nine
"Blackboy" 2008 Tech N9ne, Brother J, Ice Cube Killer
"Drill Team" Tech N9ne, BG Bulletwound, Snug Brim
"Seven Words" Tech N9ne, Skatterman
"The Sexorcist (Infomercial)" Tech N9ne
"Enjoy" Tech N9ne, Bosko
"Can't Shake It" Tech N9ne, Robert Rebeck
"Holier Than Thou" Tech N9ne, Strange Lane Choir
"Get Your Attention" Tech N9ne, Gina McFadden
"Killer" Tech N9ne
"Smoke Sumting"
"Stop Jeffin'" Kutt Calhoun, BG Bulletwound, Tech N9ne Feature Presentation
"Good Friend" Kutt Calhoun
"School Daze" Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne
"Letter to My Kids" Kutt Calhoun
"Wipe That Sweat" Kutt Calhoun, DJ Chill
"Smilin' Faces" Kutt Calhoun
"Exclusive" N/A
"Freestyle 101" Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne
"Party Rock" Kutt Calhoun
"Keep Grindin'" Prozak Tales from the Sick
"It Was You"
"Run Away" Prozak, Tech N9ne
"Fading..." Prozak, Twiztid
"Under the Rain" Prozak
"Heartbreaker" Skatterman & Snug Brim, Tech N9ne Word on tha Streetz
"Salute" Tech N9ne, Big Scoob Draped Up & Chipped Out, Vol. 3
"Ghetto Love" 2009 Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun Sickology 101
"Dysfunctional" Tech N9ne, Big Scoob
"Far Away" Tech N9ne
"Strange Music Box" Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung K.O.D.
"Hunterish" Tech N9ne, Irv da Phenom
"The Martini" Tech N9ne
"Monsterifik" Big Scoob, Tech N9ne Monsterifik
"Only Know Hard" Big Scoob, 8Ball & MJG
"Brand New Day" Big Scoob
"Street Life" Big Scoob, Mr. Whitebear, Txx Will
"Let Me Holla At Cha" Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun
"Stik @ Move" Big Scoob, Mr. Whitebear, Tech N9ne, Txx Will
"Freaks of the Industry" Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne
"Murda Iz tha Time (Part 2)" Grave Plott The Plott Thickens
"Need a Change"
"She Don't Wanna Fuck Wit Me" Potluck Pipe Dreams
"Be Easy"
"Gain Green" Messy Marv, Tech N9ne, Big Scoob Draped Up and Chipped Out, Vol. 4
"Summ' Like a Pimp" Paul Wall, Tech N9ne Fast Life
"Like I Died" (Remix) 2010 Tech N9ne, Craig Smith The Lost Scripts of K.O.D.
"Pain Killer" Tech N9ne
"Last Sad Song"
"F U Pay Me" Tech N9ne, Makzilla The Gates Mixed Plate
"Gamer" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun
"Jumpin' Jax" Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone, Bishop Young Don
"What's Next" Tech N9ne, Craig Smith, Oobergeek
"Too Many Girls" Tech N9ne, Sundae
"KC Tea" Tech N9ne
"Paper With Brian B Shynin (Intro)" Tech N9ne, Jay Rock, Joe Vertigo
"Asshole" Tech N9ne, Big Scoob Seepage EP
"Trippin' Comin'" Tech N9ne
"Sex to the Beat" Tech N9ne, Bizzy, Kutt Calhoun Bad Season
"No More Music by the Suckas" Black Vain, Tech N9ne, Oobergeek
"Bad Season" Tech N9ne, Nesto, Tonesha Sanders
"Somethin' to See" Tech N9ne, Irv da Phenom
"Ego Trippin'" Tech N9ne
"All Day All Night"
"Livin' Like I'm Dyin'" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun, Ces Cru
"Lick Your Teeth" Tech N9ne, Irv da Phenom, Tonesha Sanders
"Naked (Boom Boom Room)" Kutt Calhoun, Tech N9ne Raw and Un-Kutt
"Don't Worry Momma, It's Just Bleeding" Brotha Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, First Degree the D.E. Dinner and a Movie
"Kill or Be Killed" Jay Rock, Tech N9ne Follow Me Home
"Violated" Cognito, Tech N9ne Automatic
"Born 2 Be Fly"
"Pain" Cognito
"Streets Keep Callin' Me" E-40, B-Slimm Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift
"I Love Music" 2011 Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Oobergeek All 6's and 7's
"Fuck Food" Tech N9ne, Lil Wayne, T-Pain
"Pornographic" Tech N9ne, E-40, Snoop Dogg
"Eenie Meanie Miny Ho" Tech N9ne, Wide Frame
"Welcome to Strangeland" Tech N9ne Welcome to Strangeland
"Unfair" Tech N9ne, Ces Cru
"Slave" Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun
"EMJ" Tech N9ne, Irv da Phenom, Kutt Calhoun, ¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone, Jay Rock, Magnum PI
"All I Kno Is Hood" Big Scoob Damn Fool
"Lemonade Delight" Big Scoob, Crystal Watson
"White Bitch" Big Scoob, Irv da Phenom
"Twistin' Yay" Big Scoob, Skatterman, Rappin' Twan
"Dead-a-Man" Big Scoob
"2 Fat Fucks"
"If U Kall" Big Scoob, Irv da Phenom, Big Rich
"Spotlight" Big Scoob, Tech N9ne
"Body Moves Slow" Baby Bash, Paul Wall Bashtown
"Forgive Me" Winnipeg's Most Goodfellaz
"Can't Stand Me" 2012 Tech N9ne Klusterfuk
"Fire In AC" Tech N9ne, Smackola Boiling Point
"Alone" Tech N9ne, Ezikuhl
"One of These Days" Prozak, Tech N9ne Paranormal
"In the Dark" Big Scoob, Blind Fury Dope Talk Volume 2
"It's Over" Ces Cru, Tech N9ne 13
"Last Days" ¡Mayday! Take Me to Your Leader
"Cast Out" Stevie Stone Rollin' Stone
"Blapper" T-Pain, Mistah F.A.B., Tech N9ne Stoic
"Sux 2 B U" Twiztid, Glasses Malone Abominationz
"Straight Out the Gate" 2013 Tech N9ne, Serj Tankian Something Else
"My Haiku-Burn the World" Tech N9ne
"Colorado" Tech N9ne, B.o.B, Ces Cru, ¡Mayday!, Rittz, Stevie Stone
"Somebody Else" Tech N9ne
"Feels Like Heaven" Tech N9ne, Oobergeek
"Public School" Tech N9ne Therapy
"Self Preservation" Kutt Calhoun Black Gold
"Heart 2 Heart"
"Get Out My Face" Stevie Stone 2 Birds 1 Stone
"Say No More" Rittz, Tech N9ne The Life and Times of Jonny Valiant
"Tug of War" Andy Mineo Heroes for Sale
"Holla-Loo-Yuh" R.A. the Rugged Man, Tech N9ne Legends Never Die
"Make Waves" 2014 Tech N9ne, Rittz, Tyler Lyon Strangeulation
"Nobody Cares: (The Remix)" Tech N9ne, Wrekonize, Godemis, Bernz, Ubiquitous, Stevie Stone
"Stink" Stevie Stone, Tech N9ne, Kendall Morgan
"Strangeulation IV" Rittz, Prozak, Big Scoob
"Straight Out the Gate: (The Scott Stevens Remix)" Tech N9ne, John 5, Serj Tankian
"Withdrawal" Tech N9ne
"Nobody Cares" Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Director Artist(s)
As main performer
2009 "Misunderstood" Dan Gedman[16] Krizz Kaliko
2010 "Elevator" Dan Gedman[17] Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne
2012 "Hello Walls" Dan Gedman Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne
2012 "Spaz" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne
2012 "Mayday" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Unstable" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Kill Shit" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Dancin With Myself" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Stay Alive" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Dixie Cup" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Species" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2012 "Abu Dhabi" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko ft. 816 Boyz
2013 "Intro" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2013 "W.A.N.S. (We All Need Sex)" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2013 "Girls Like That" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko ft. Bizzy
2013 "Scars" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne
2013 "Schizophrenia" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2013 "Why Me" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2013 "Night Time" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko
2014 "Kill For Your Lovin'" Krizz Kaliko Krizz Kaliko ft. Crystal Watson
As featured performer
2007 "City 2 City" Kottonmouth Kings ft. Krizz Kaliko & Tech N9ne
2010 "Ego Trippin'" Dan The Man[18] Tech N9ne ft. Krizz Kaliko
2011 "All I Kno Is Hood" Dan Gedman[19] Big Scoob ft. Krizz Kaliko
Cameo appearances
2002 "Slacker" Ben Mor Tech N9ne
2003 "Imma Tell" Christopher Horvath Tech N9ne
2004 "Rap Game" Gobi M. Rahimi MC Breed
2006 "Bout Ta' Bubble" Prozak Tech N9ne
2007 "White Trash Life" Bryan Heiden Big B
2008 "Like Yeah" Estevan Oriol[20] Tech N9ne
2009 "Bunk Rock Bitch" Dan Gedman[21] Kutt Calhoun
"Red Nose" Dan Gedman[22] Tech N9ne
"Salue" Big Scoob ft. Tech N9ne
"Leave Me Alone" Dan Gedman[23] Tech N9ne
"Low" Dan Gedman[24] Tech N9ne
2010 "Naked (Boom Boom Room)" Dan Gedman[25] Kutt Calhoun ft. Tech N9ne
"O.G." Dan Gedman[26] Tech N9ne
"KC Tea" Dan Gedman[27] Tech N9ne
"Last Call" Txx Will
"Red and Yellow" Irv Da Phenom ft. B Double E & Cash Image
2011 "Hotboxin The Van" Bert Trevino[28] Baby Bash, Marcus Manchild & Paul Wall
2012 "All That I Know" Philly Fly Boy[29] Trae ft. Brian Angel, Mystikal & Tech N9ne


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