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Municipality of Krnjak
Općina Krnjak
Map of Krnjak municipality within Karlovac County
Map of Krnjak municipality within Karlovac County
Krnjak is located in Croatia
Location in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°20′05″N 15°35′55″E / 45.334608°N 15.598642°E / 45.334608; 15.598642
Country  Croatia
County Karlovac County
Population (2001)[1]
 • Total 2,164 (municipality)

Krnjak (Serbian Cyrillic: Крњак)[2] is a village and a municipality in Karlovac County, Croatia.

Languages and names[edit]

On the territory of Krnjak municipality, along with Croatian which is officiall in the whole country, as a second official language has been introduced Serbian language and Serbian Cyrillic alphabet.[3]


There are a total of 2,164 inhabitants in the municipality (census 2001), 61.5% which are Serbs and 35.4% which are Croats.[4] By mother tongue there are 2,125 Croatian speakers, 15 Serbian speakers and 23 speakers of other languages.[5] The municipality is part of Kordun.


The settlements in the municipality are:[1]

Hrvatsko Zariste,once called Partizansko Zariste,was famous about the elementary school,that was founded by family Vidic.


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