Krzysztof Wiesiołowski

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Krzysztof Wiesiołowski
Krzysztof Wiesiolowski (-1637).jpg
Coat of arms Ogończyk
Consort Aleksandra Marianna Wiesiołowska


Full name
Krzysztof Wiesiołowski herbu Ogończyk
Noble family Wiesiołowski
Father Piotr Wiesiolowski
Mother Zofia Lubomirska
Died 1637

Krzysztof Wiesiołowski (died 1637) was a Polish nobleman, starost of Tykocin and Supraśl, Stolnik of Lithuania and Ciwun of Wilno before 1620, Court Marshal of Lithuania since 1619, Krajczy of Lithuania since 1620, Grand Marshal of Lithuania since 1635.

Marshal of the Sejm on January 15 - February 26, 1609 and February 13 - March 13, 1618 in Warsaw.

Coat of Arms[edit]