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Gender female
Word/Name Greek
Meaning "hospitality"
Other names
Related names Ksenia, Kseniya, Oksana, Senja, Xena, Xeniya

Kseniya (also Xeniya, Ksenia, Kseniya, Ksenija or Xena; derived from Greek ξενία xenia - "hospitality")[1] is a female name used mainly in Russia[2] Ukraine and Greece. In Spain, although it started to become more popular during the 90s, it appears mainly in Galician Xenia [ˈʃenia], and in Catalan Xènia [ˈʃɛniə] where it is a traditional diminutive of Eugènia. Related names include: Oksana (Ukrainian: Ксенія, Оксана; Russian: Ксения, Оксана), Aksana (Belarusian: Ксенiя, Аксана), Ksenija (Slovenia, Croatia); Xénia (Hungary); Senja (Finland), and Ksenija (Ксенија) (Serbia, Montenegro and Republic of Macedonia), Аксиния Bulgaria .[citation needed]

Name days:

  • Greece: January 24
  • Czech Republic: November 27
  • Slovakia: June 2
  • Hungary: July 30
  • Finland: January 24
  • Russia: February 6

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  1. ^ Other sources point the word ξένος [ksénos] - 'foreigner' as the origin of the name. It would be parallel to the Latin name Barbara which also means 'foreigner'.
  2. ^ Ксения [Ksenija], obsolete Аксинья [Aksin'ja] (diminutive Ксюша [Ksjusha])