Ksingmul language

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Xinh Mun
Native to Vietnam, Laos
Native speakers
27,000  (1999–2005)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 puo
Glottolog puoc1238[2]

Ksingmul (Ksing Mul, Puoc, Vietnamese: Xinh Mun, Chinese: 欣门语) is a Mon–Khmer language of Vietnam.


Jerold Edmondson (2010:144), citing Đặng Nghiêm Vạn, et al. (1972ː254ff), lists 3 major varieties of Ksingmul. Ksingmul Nghệt is the most conservative variety.

  • Ksingmul Nghệt: Nà Nghệt Village, Xiêng Khọ District, Sầm Nưa Province, Laos
  • Ksingmul Dạ: Chiềng On Village, Yên Châu District, Sơn La Province, Vietnam
  • Ksingmul Đồng


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