Kučaj mountains

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Kučaj mountains
Kučaj mountains is located in Serbia
Kučaj mountains
Kučaj mountains
Location in Serbia
Elevation 1,284 m (4,213 ft)
Location Eastern Serbia
Range Serbian Carpathians
Coordinates 44°04′48″N 21°49′41″E / 44.08000°N 21.82806°E / 44.08000; 21.82806Coordinates: 44°04′48″N 21°49′41″E / 44.08000°N 21.82806°E / 44.08000; 21.82806

Kučaj mountains (Serbian Cyrillic: Кучајске планине) is a mountain range in eastern Serbia. Its highest peak, Velika Tresta has an elevation of 1,284 meters above sea level.[1] They belong to Serbian extension of Carpathians. Kučaj separates the valleys of Great Morava and Timok.

The area is a plateau in form, of complex tectonic and morphological structure, subdivided by the river valleys. Because of the exceptional natural features, the region is declared as a nature park.[2]


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