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Ku Hye-sun
2009 07 28 KuHyeSun SeoulNTower.jpg
Born (1984-11-09) November 9, 1984 (age 29)
South KoreaSeoul, South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Alma mater Seoul Institute of the Arts
Occupation Actor, Singer, Model
Years active 2002-present
Agent YG Entertainment
Notable work(s) Boys Over Flowers (2009)
Height 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight 42kg
Korean name
Hangul 구혜선
Revised Romanization Gu Hye Seon
McCune–Reischauer Ju Hui Shan

Ku Hye-sun (Hangul: 구혜선; born November 9, 1984) is a South Korean actress, singer & director. An admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, Ku also dabbles in directing, writing, illustrating, singing and composing. She is best known for her role as Geum Jan-di in the hit TV show Boys Over Flowers.


Ku Hye-sun entered the entertainment industry after gaining popularity on the internet as an ulzzang. She began her acting career in one-act dramas and the sitcom Nonstop 5. She was also co-MC with Super Junior's Heechul on SBS's weekly live music show Inkigayo from April 23, 2006 to February 18, 2007.[1]

Ku soon rose to fame in the drama Pure in Heart and surprised critics with her performance in the historical drama The King and I.[2] She is most well known for portraying Geum Jan-di in the hit KBS drama Boys Over Flowers.[3] After a year in limbo with no broadcasting slot, her pre-produced drama The Musical finally aired in September 2011.[4][5] Ku next starred as a female pilot in the SBS series Take Care of Us, Captain,[6][7][8] followed by Absolute Darling, the Taiwanese drama adaptation of the manga Absolute Boyfriend.[9][10]

Originally set to debut as a singer (supposedly in a 3-member girl group with 2NE1's Park Bom and Sandara Park), YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk advised Ku to pursue acting rather than music. In recent years, she has displayed her vocal talents through Sarang Ga ("Love Story," which became the title song of Pure in Heart), a cover of Shim Soo-bong's I Don't Know Anything But Love (which played during a crucial scene in Boys Over Flowers), and a duet of Kim Gun-mo's song Rain Falls on a Sleepless Night with Big Bang member Seungri on the music-talk show Lee Ha-na's Peppermint. Ku has also composed and released an album of New Age music titled Breath (2009), and the singles Brown Hair (2010), Marry Me (2012), Flying Galaxy (2013), and It's You (2013).[11]

Ku wrote Tango, a semi-autobiographical novel about a twenty-something woman's experience with love and relationships. The book was a bestseller, selling 30,000 copies within a week. Its release coincided with her first solo art exhibition, also titled "Tango," in July 2009 at La Mer Gallery, which attracted 10,000 visitors. The exhibition featured around 40 of Ku's illustrations, some from her novel.[12] She has also done artwork for Gummy's fourth album Comfort. In September 2012 she held her second solo art exhibition titled "Afterimage" at the Hangaram Design Arts Center in the Seoul Arts Center, showcasing 120 of her art pieces,[13] then donating all proceeds from the sale of her artwork toward purchasing "clean cars" (germ-free automobiles) for the Korea Leukemia Patient Group.[14][15][16]

Ku made her official debut as a director through her short film The Madonna at the 2009 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.[17] After writing and directing her first feature-length film Magic in 2010, she continued directing short films such as You, and Fragments of Sweet Memories,[18][19][20][21] as well as trailers for film festivals.

In 2011 Ku established her own company, Ku Hye-sun Film, under which she will produce and film her projects, which offers her a measure of legal/business protection. Her second directorial feature The Peach Tree was the first film made by her newly established production company.[22][23][24][25][26] She said of directing, "It's tiring and grueling. At times you ask yourself, 'Why am I doing this?' But movies have the ability to make you feel alive."[27][28][29] In 2012 She acted as a pilot named Han Da Jin in the drama "Take care of us,Captain" During the press meet she shared her views, "I thought flying a plane would be as easy as driving a car".She even told the reason why she prefers short hair, "After I shot the series Boys over Flower, I started directing several films and had a short haircut. Because I wanted to focus on shooting and I like short hair".

Her short film, "You" was screened at Moscow, Russia.[30] She was voted No.1 Korean Natural Beauty in Spain.[31] Her role in "Take care of us,Captain" won Recognition and Shined.[32] In April 2012, for promoting her Taiwanese drama, "Absolute Boyfriend" she went and greeted fans in Taipei, Singapore along with her co-star Jiro Wang. She also received great applause from the author of "Absolute Boyfriend comic".[33] Mean while,She stirred the hallyu world by making a 3D short film " Fragments of sweet memories" starring Yoo Seung-ho.[34] In her interview she said "I liked fantasies. 3D technology helps widen the realm for imagination and expression. “However, it’s different from viewing huge projects like ‘Avatar’ where others pursued magnificent and large scaled scenes. I spent time figuring out how to best maximize the emotional and lyrical side of things. I tried to infuse more emotion to the scenes through the spatial and three-dimensional aspect so that others would be able to feel what is intended to be conveyed". This short film was also shown at the French Cannes festival.[35] She also took part in the KBS2 TV programme "Star Life Theatre".[36]

On June 23, On June 23, the actress tweeted, “Everyone’s help has become a great strength. Seo Deuh Kuh from Mongolia who has leukemia, make sure you will win! He will be returning to his homeland soon. Please send an encouraging message.”The picture showed Gu Hye Sun with Seo Deuh Kuh, a five-year-old child from Mongolia who came to Korea to receive treatment for leukemia. Thanks to Gu Hye Sun’s tweets, Seo Deuh Kuh was able to receive a bone marrow transplant and receive the proper treatment.[37] Ku is always praised for her natural beauty. Based on n July 13th,she Voted Best Female Artist in the Entertainment Industry.[38] She is also considered a brainy person in her university. On July 15th, she tweeted with a pic with she topping her department with a GPA of 4.44 in her school.[39] In August, she attended "8th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival" where her 3D short film was screened. She also participated in "Big smile project" for women by contributing as a model for the "Women central magazine" cover photo. Ku Hye Sun becomes a best-selling author in Indonesia with her novel Tango (for Rp 43,920).[40] She also gave her voice by narrating a documentary "The hospice of young children who live for today" in SBS. From 18–24 September,she conducted an art exhibition under the theme "After Image".In October 2012,She also donated her proceeds from her art exhibitions to help Leukemia patients. She attended the "Busan International Film Festival" where her full length featured film "The Peach tree" was screened. She released her new love song "Marry Me" on 15 October.[41] Her movie "Peach Tree " Showcase at COEX Megabox on 16 October. She composed all the songs in her movie and wrote the lyrics too. She also wrote her next novel "Peach tree" based on the film, "The Peach tree".

On 25th, she attended "14th Annual Republic of Korea Design Award‘ ceremony" and was awarded "Minister Commendation".Her movie "The Peach Tree" hit the screens on Oct 31st. She also participated in TV shows like "Come to play - Ku hye sun" in MBC &  tvN's Taxi Talk Show.On November 23, Ku and SS501′s Heo Young Saeng received Korea Fulfillment Awards.[42] She was also appointed "Good will ambassador of I3DF." [43] In March 30, 2013,"Peach Tree" was screened ar Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival (GHFFF) in Taiwan and also on April 9 at the Brussels film festival (BIFF). She wrote a song and acted in MV along with Seo In Guk named "With laughter or with tears".[44] She also directed a CF and for Samsung Galaxy S4 named "My story with S4" along with the other directors namely Jung Woo Sung and Kim Nam Gil.[45] In May 2013, she showcased 15 of her artworks at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair,.[46][47] Her movie was screened at 15th IWFFIS(International Women's film festival).[48] She and Lee Sang Bong are appointed as 2013 CICB Ambassador. She and Jang MiRan Ministry award for "sharing hapiness" on June 28.[49] Her film "Peach tree"was screened at "New york Asian film festival".[50] She released her MV on July 22 named "Its you". She not only wrote the music and lyrics of "It’s You", but also filmed and edited the music video[51] From 14–19 August, she attended the "9th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival" (JIMFF) and was one among the jury for the it.[52] After that she held an art exhibition under the theme "After image" and showed her 20-piece at the Korean Cultural Center in Shanghai. She is also the ambassador for "ArtisTree" - an organization to encourage arts. She has also lent her talent to Korean film fest by directing a trailer for 14th Persons with Disabilities film festival (PDFF) in which she used "sign language" to describe "People born with disabilities do not differ from normal people in the thing called "love".When normal people fall in love they become blind". On September 4, she attended the award presentation of "Love the environment" Contest as she being the ambassador for that contest. YG informed the reporters on Sept 25th that Ku Hye Sun‘s 2012 3D short film, Fragments of Memory, has advanced to finalist for the Seoul Senior Film Festival.So, Ku Hye Sun will attend the opening ceremony of the festival on Sept 30th to receive the citation from the Mayor Park Won Soon. YG spoke on behalf of Ku Hye Sun to reporters that: “It is an honor to make the finalist. Despite the fact that 3D film had to be shown in 2D, she is grateful that they still liked her film. I am so grateful to actor Yoo SeungHo for helping to make the film and I feel so sorry that I was never able to show him the original yet.” Seoul Senior Film Festival is a film festival that covers all three generations from teens to adults to older persons. Total of 36 films are advancing to finalist under the competition category.[53] She was also invited by her friend, Lee Bo Young to sing on her wedding with Ji-Sung that was held on September 27, 2013 and Ku snag her self-composed song, "Its you" in the wedding.[54] On Sept. 28th 2013, Ku Hye Sun attended CICB and exhibited 20 of her hand made crafts and shared her time with the public. She also displayed her wooden, metal crafts as well as surprisingly bright designs which will enlighten and cheer up everyday living spaces. She displayed her own crafts under the theme “butterfly effect”.[55] On Sept 30th, Koo attended the Opening ceremony of Seoul Senior Film Festival. Koo is one among the finalists for her 3D short film, “Fragments of Memories” and she received citation directly from the mayor[53] On Oct 3rd Koo attended the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival(BIFF). On Oct 8th, Koo modeled for Lie Sang Bong's fashion show.[56] On Oct 29th her movie, Peach tree was screened at the Cine French opening.[57] On November 13 Koo attended Sydney International Film Festival (SIFF) as she was appointed as the ambassador of the festival. On Nov 19th, her agency YG announced that Koo has planned for her upcoming movie "Daughter". In this movie, she plays 3 roles as producing,script writing as well as directing for it. This movie is a psychodrama that depicts a mother who gives her daughter an oppressive corporal punishment and her suffering daughter. Ku sends a message to society through the film and will be released in the year 2014.[58] On Nov 28th, Koo released her 5th digital single "Happiness",[59] which is a remake of Seo In Guk’s song of the same title featuring Ku hye sun, and expresses the feelings of regret and emptiness after a breakup from a woman’s perspective this time around. She has started to shoot for her 3rd full movie 'Daughter'. While talking about the movie, she said, "What is most important is to become the winner at the end/ultimately/finally. Right now is not the time to feel accomplished for what project is doing well or making that as a life's goal. To me, what is more important is what kind of person I will live as and remembered. In my 20's, a big hit came my way through BOF. But, I cannot be just stuck there. I felt that I need to mold/make myself even better and live my life even better. That is my life's goal."Actress Ku Hye Sun appears in MBC channel’s two-part documentary drama “Huh Nansulhun” (written by Kim Mi Ji, produced by Park Tae Sam) and takes part in the program’s narration and production, too.“Huh Nansulhun” is a special two-part drama created by Gangneung MBC, which will be broadcast in February. In the drama, Ku Hye Sun acts the role of “Huh Nansulhun”, the heroine, and “Ku Hye Sun in present days”. Plus, she takes the role of the narrator to lead the documentary and partially produced the drama, exerting her capabilities as a producer. Ku Hye Sun has displayed a variety of talents as an actress, filmmaker, painter, and singer, and she now spotlights the inner world of Huh Nansulhun from her perspective in “Huh Nansulhun”.Ku Hye Sun perfectly acts as Huh Nansulhun in her own way, to express Hu’s keen intellect and rich emotions through her eyes.[60]


As Actress[edit]

Film and Television
Year Title Role Medium Notes
2004 Nonstop 5 Hye-sun (TV) MBC Main Cast
Drama City – Anagram Nurse (TV) KBS2
2005 Drama City – Everybody Cha Cha Cha (TV) KBS2
Ballad of Seo Dong Eun-jin (TV) SBS
2006 Pure in Heart Yang Guk-hwa (TV) KBS1 Lead Role
2007 The King and I Queen Jeheon (TV) SBS Lead Role
August Rush Girl on couch Film Cameo
2008 Strongest Chil Woo Yoon So-yoon (TV) KBS2 Lead Role
2009 Boys Over Flowers Geum Jan-di (TV) KBS2 Lead Role
2010 Ku Cine Herself (TV) Mnet Documentary
2011 Star Life Theater Herself (TV) KBS2 Documentary
The Musical Go Eun-bi (TV) SBS Lead Role
2012 Take Care of Us, Captain Han Da-jin (TV) SBS Lead Role
Absolute Darling Guan Xiao Fei (TV) GTV Lead Role
The Hospice for the Children Who Live For Today Narrator (TV) SBS Documentary[61]
2014 Documentary about Huh Nan Sul Han Huh Nan Sul Han (TV) MBC Documentary
Angel Eyes Yoon Soo-wan (TV) SBS Lead Role

Commercial films

Year CF product Co-Star
2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 - "Baek Gu" Cristina Fernandez Lee & Moon Mason
2012 Hyal Be
2012 Pure clean multi-cleanser CF
2011 Ecopure Hair colour bubble foam
2011 Nikon DSLR camera D-90 YG Family
2011 Toyota Corolla
2011 Danahan - Ecopure Hair Color Cream
2011 JAMconcert
2011 Somang Coenzyme Q10 Jung Il-woo
2010 Toyota Prius
2010 Tous Les Jours Bi Rain
2010 Somang Cosmetics
2010 Taiwan: Touch Your Heart (Taiwanese Tourism Campaign)
2010 SKY Izar IM-A630K Android mobile phone
2009 ADefying clear spot
2009 Shinhan Group  Ji Chang Wook
2009 Somang RG II  Yoon Sang Hyun
2009 Tous Les Jours Jo In Sung
2009 Doutor Coffee 
2009 LG teenring Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum
2008 Cheoum Cheoreom 
2007-2008 Tours Les Jours 
2007 Beauty Credit  Hyun Bin
2007 Coenzyme Cream 
2007 DaNaHan 
2007 Elgaa 
2005 Sharp 
2002 Sam-Bo Computer Slim PC 

Magazine covers

2014 F.ound Magazine (February 2014 issue)
2013 Elle Magazine
2013 MR Magazine - Hong Kong (November 2013 issue)
2013 In style Magazine
2011 Taiwan Next Magazine (June 2011 issue) 
2011 Shin Dong Ah (March 2011 issue)
2011 The Musical Magazine (January 2011 issue) 
2010 Bling Magazine (December 2010 issue) 
2010 Top Class Magazine (August 2010 issue) 
2010 SURE magazine (July 2010 issue) 
2010 MovieWeek (June 2010 issue, inside article) 
2010 Bazzaar (June 2010 Korean issue) 
2010 JIFF Daily Magazine (May 2010 Japanese issue) 
2010 Hot Chili Paper (Japanese magazine May 2010 issue, not cover) 
2010 Vogue Girl (March 2010 issue, photo shoot along with other models) 
2009 Elle Girl (August Korean Magazine, interview, not cover)
2009 E-Daily (July issue) 
2009 Vogue (July Taiwan issue) 
2007 Cindy the Perky (May issue) 
2007 Dramatique (January issue) 
2006 Cindy the Perky (July issue) 
2005 Cindy the Perky (October issue) 
2002 Ecole (July) 

Music Video  

Music Video
Year Title Artist
2002 We Match Quite Well Sung Si-kyung
2004 The Reason I Close My Eyes Taebin
2006 Forget You Soul Star
2007 Yesterday is Different from Today Kim Ji-eun
2010 Touch Your Heart Fahrenheit
Brown Hair Ku Hye-sun
2012 Marry Me Ku Hye-sun
2013 We Were Happy Ku Hye-sun and Seo In Guk
2013 It's You Ku Hye-sun
2013 Happiness Ku Hye-sun

As Director[edit]

Directorial Projects
Year Title Notes Credited as Cast Ref.
2009 Trailer - 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival film festival trailer director Seo Hyun-jin
The Madonna
(a.k.a. The Cheerful Caretaker)
short film director
Seo Hyun-jin
Kim Myung-soo
Jun Tae-soo
2010 You short film director
Nam Sang-mi
Choi Il-hwa
Magic feature film director
Im Ji-kyu
Seo Hyun-jin
Kim Jung-wook
2011 Trailer - 13th International Women's Film Festival in Seoul film festival trailer director
Ku Hye-sun
2012 Fragments of Sweet Memories 3D short film director
singer of theme song
Yoo Seung-ho [18][19][20][21]
The Peach Tree feature film director
Jo Seung-woo
Ryu Deok-hwan
Nam Sang-mi
2013 White Dog Samsung Galaxy S4 short film director
singer of theme song
Cristina Fernandez Lee
Moon Mason and Ku Hye Sun
Trailer of 14th Persons with Disabilities Film Festival (PDFF) Trailer director
Ku Hye Sun [63]
2014 다우더 (Daughter) feature film director
Ku Hye Sun along with actors Hyun Seung Min & Lee Hae Woo [58]


Year Title Label Notes Ref.
2005 "Happy Birthday To You"
(from Nonstop 5 OST)
EMI singer [64]
2006 "Sarang Ga (Love Story)"
(from Pure in Heart OST)
YG Entertainment singer [65]
2009 Ku Hye-sun's Sketchbook - Breath (album) YG Entertainment singer
2010 Brown Hair (single) YG Entertainment singer
2012 "Fly Again"
(from Take Care of Us, Captain OST)
Pony Canyon composer
Marry Me (single) YG Entertainment singer
2013 Flying Galaxy (single) YG Entertainment singer
It's You (single) YG Entertainment singer
We Were Happy (single) ft. Seo In-guk YG Entertainment singer


Year Group Category Nominated work
2006 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Pure in Heart
2007 SBS Drama Awards New Star Award The King and I
2009 Busan Asian Short Film Festival Audience Award The Madonna
Andre Kim Best Star Awards Best Female Star Boys Over Flowers
6th Yahoo! Taiwan Asia Buzz Awards Best Asian Actress Boys Over Flowers
KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Series Boys Over Flowers
Netizen Popularity Award Boys Over Flowers
Best Couple Award with Lee Min-ho Boys Over Flowers
2010 12th Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Spotlight Award[74] The Madonna


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External links[edit]

  1. http://kuhyesun.com
  2. Ku Hye-sun on Twitter
  3. Ku Hye-sun on Me2day
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