Kuala Selangor Nature Park

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Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Taman Alam Kuala Selangor
Map showing the location of Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Map showing the location of Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Map of Peninsular Malaysia
Location Kuala Selangor, Malaysia
Coordinates 3°23′51″N 101°10′07″E / 3.3974°N 101.1686°E / 3.3974; 101.1686Coordinates: 3°23′51″N 101°10′07″E / 3.3974°N 101.1686°E / 3.3974; 101.1686[1]
Area 2.4 km2 (0.93 sq mi)
Established 1987

Kuala Selangor Nature Park or locally known as Taman Alam Kuala Selangor in the Malay language is located by the mouth of Selangor River, not far from the center of Kuala Selangor town. It was established by the Selangor state government in 1987 and has been managed by the Malaysian Nature Society on behalf of the state government ever since the park's establishment.

With a total area of 2.4 km2 (0.93 sq mi), the park is a combination of secondary forest and wetland with a man-made coastal bund separating the wetland from the forest. Inside the park itself is a large pond surrounded by another bund. A water lock connecting the pond with the river controls the water level of the pond.

The park, as part of the Selangor River estuary, is home to a number of large bird species such as Milky Storks and herons as well as primates, namely silver leaf monkeys and macaques. The area was a breeding ground of an endangered Milky Stork species before the program was suspended. An abandoned aviary still stands in the middle of the park.


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