Kuba Wojewódzki

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Kuba Wojewódzki
Kuba Wojewódzki.jpg
Birth name Jakub Władysław Wojewódzki
Born (1963-08-02) 2 August 1963 (age 51)
Koszalin, Poland
Medium television, radio, press
Nationality Polish
Years active 2002-present
Genres Social satire, talk show
Website kuba.tvn.pl

Jakub Władysław Wojewódzki known as Kuba Wojewódzki (Polish pronunciation: [ˈkuba vɔjɛˈvut͡skʲi]; born 2 August 1963 in Koszalin, Poland) is a Polish journalist, TV personality, drummer, and comedian.


Wojewódzki was a judge on the Polish Idol. He also was the Polish representative on the World Idol on 25 December 2003.

In the 1980s, he was a member of punk bands called System and New Dada. Currently, he is a drummer in the band called Klatu.

Since 2006, he has been working for TVN.

He has his own TV show called Kuba Wojewódzki and is a judge on Mam talent!, the Polish edition of Britain's got talent and since 2011 also on X-Factor.


He was criticized for being extremely harsh on X Factor contestants and for making racist comments. While translating for Nigerian-born auditionee John James Egwu who spoke limited Polish, he claimed that contestant had answered "I married a white woman and then ate her" went asked what he was doing in Poland, and mistranslated "I studied here" as "She was a bit gristly." Wojewódzki then encouraged the audience to laugh at the contestant.[1]

In his talk show, he explores numerous controversial issues. On one of his shows (aired on 25 March 2008), a cartoonist Marek Raczkowski inserted the Polish flag into dog faeces, referencing a scandal he created after his semi-serious statement about animal waste on public pavements. The incident was widely discussed by the media.[2] On his morning radio show for radio Eska Rock, in June 2011, he said that perhaps there should be "a national register of negroes"[3] and stated that that day's show was sponsored by the Warsaw branch of the Ku Klux Klan. His comments were condemned by members of ethnic minorities in Poland.[4] The radio station was fined 50,000 zloty and Wojewódzki's comments were described in the report of the radio authorities (Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji) as being "unambiguously racist" ("jednoznacznie rasistowskie").[5]

In October, 2013, Wojewódzki was injured by an unknown assailant who burned his face and neck with acid.[6] As revealed later by police, the fluid was not acid, it was a non-corrosive substance.[7][8]

TV Show[edit]

Years TV Show Series Television
2002–2003, 2005 Idol I-II,IV Polsat
2003 World Idol - Polsat
2002-2006 Kuba Wojewódzki Show - Polsat
2006–present Kuba Wojewódzki Show - TVN
2007 Taniec z gwiazdami
(Polish version Dancing with the stars)
'Best Of' episode TVN
2008–2010 Mam talent! I-III TVN
2011–present X-Factor I-present TVN


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