Kuch Kar Dikha

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Kuch Kar Dikha
Title screen of the show with game members in a jump action behind.
Title screen
Also known as KKD
Genre drama, game show
Written by Jawad Daud
Directed by Nini
Presented by Nokia Pakistan
  • Esa Ch
  • Jia
  • Rubab Ali
  • Abid Hussain
  • Ali Shah
  • Aqeel Malik
  • Fajar Ali
  • Sehar
  • Kamran
Theme music composer Shankar Mahadevan
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
Executive producer(s) Farrukh Malhaar
Editor(s) Tahir Waqar
Babar Jehangir
Running time 18 minutes
Original channel ARY Digital
Original airing February 28, 2014 (2014-02-28)

Kuch Kar Dikha (Urdu: کچھ کر دکھا‎; English: do something) is a 2014 drama travel game show presented by Nokia Pakistan,[1][2] based on a 38 days journey of 9 people into the unseen and exotic locations of Pakistan. The show was announced on 18 February along with the launch of Lumia 1520 and 1320.[3][4] First aired 28 February 2014 on ARY Digital is a half an hour show. The timings of the show are 11-11:30 PM every Friday.[5]


This game show has 9 members, consecutively divided into three teams:

Team Blue[edit]

  • Aqeel Malik as Ali - Is sharp, intelligent and knows what he’s doing. A perfect example of a street smart boy.
  • Rubab Ali as Sehar - She’s a beauty with no brains. A boy magnet who lacks common sense. She’s the dumb blonde of the group.
  • Jia as Tanveer - She’s a pure tomboy, as strong as the other boys, very athletic and physically fit and also has a very manly attitude towards everything, in short she’s the man of the group.

Team Red[edit]

  • Esa Ch as Harib - Recently returned to homeland after completing his education from Australia. Comes from a rich family who were once doodhwalas and later on owned a dairy farm. Haarib hates this fact and intends to become a filmwala rather than a doodhwala and his passion is to see himself as an established movie star.
  • Sehar as Tania - Technology is the word that defines Taniya. She’s extremely tech-savvy and her world revolves around all sorts of gadgets.
  • Abid Hussain as Kabeer - Is a typical spoiled son of a rich feudal who thinks very highly of himself. Tries to act smart but is pretty dumb in real. He does not care about career in general because he knows he’ll be a politician like his father.

Team White[edit]

  • Ali Shah as Behroz - The sharper one of the twins. He’s pretty shrewd in his actions and plays smartly . Both the brothers believe that they are the finest twins of the world and pretend to be identical twins in front of everyone.
  • Kamran as Shehroz - The innocent one of the twins. Has a stammering problem and is extremely dumb. Both the brothers believe that they are the finest twins of the world and pretend to be identical twins in front of everyone.
  • Fajar Ali as Zeb - The most senior member of the group in terms of age. Believes herself to be very intelligent and is pretty smart because of all the experiences she’d had due to her age.

Travel Destinations[edit]

  • Khewra Mine (The Geology Museum) - After an adventurous night in the Cholistan desert, the exhausted cast & crew retired to their rest house back in Bahawalpur. The evening awaited another journey – a journey to the Khewra Mines through Kallar Kahar. Kalar Kahar welcomed its newest visitors with a bright, happy morning. The next couple of hours that followed brought some of the most astonishing & breathtaking views. The beautiful gigantic mountains stretching out high and eventually touching the enormous natural cotton balls, one cannot just stop staring at them during the entire drive. It’s like one of those movie sequences, where you’re driving towards your destination at a considerable speed and the destination keeps growing on you until it grasps you completely and the only thing that you are aware of consciously is the destination itself. The sufocating train journey into the mines & managing a bunch of hyper college students to record the sequences perfectly was one challenging task, however, all was worth it because the Mines had in store some of the greatest natural and manmade art works, all created out of salt, such as the Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan and a post office, which is functional for sending mails/postcards. Also, the brine ponds and the Asthama clinic are worth viewing too.
  • Khanpur Dam (the adventure spot) - The next day led the team to the most exotic destination by far – The Khanpur Dam that lies about 40 km away from Islamabad in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with a view so serene that it soothes away all human agitations. Clean blue water, opulent blue sky and seagulls flying in random directions keep your eyes hooked. The relationship of the visitor and the scenic view is like that of a moth and the flame. No matter how hard the moth tries to pull away it keeps sinking in the enormity of the flames, similarly, no matter how hard the visitor tries to pull away their eyes, they just keep falling prey to the scenic magnificence. What makes Khanpur even more interesting is the fact that there are so many activities that let you relish the view to its fullest. From Jet Skiing, to Paragliding and Mountain Climbing, everything makes you fall in love with the place even more.
  • Nathia Gali (A heaven on earth) - The curvy road makes its way up the mountain leading to Nathia Gali like a giant anaconda wrapped around its prey, with huge mountain towering over at one side and a deep hollow to nowhere on the other. Blown away by the flabbergasting view the crew reached Nathia Gali; welcomed by heavy snowfall, two of the team’s main players retired back to the pavilion due to bad health. The weather seemed to be on the opposing side and hence the shoot had to be cancelled, resulting in an extremely relieved reaction by the entire team as they finally got a day to sit back and relax.
  • Balakot (the city rebuilt) - In order to explore the next destination, the team headed towards Balakot – the unfortunate city (as it became known after the massive earthquake of 2005), but the team was in for a surprise upon reaching there, it seemed like the unfortunate city is no more so ill-fated. The entire re-development was pretty impressive and anyone who would lay their foot for the very first time there wouldn’t even know about its deadly past.
  • Muzaffarabad (the cultural hub) - Envision a clear dark blue sky with pearl white clouds, appearing so tender that a touch might just disintegrate them into millions of tiny pieces scattering around like beads from a string, and below an equally rich blue, vast lake surrounded by gigantic mountains on either side and in the water the reflection of the sky so perfect that if it wasn’t for gravity one would never be able to differentiate between the two entities. From the spooky fort to the suspension bridge, the team shot at various breathtaking locations throughout the city.


Kuch Kar Dikha OST is sung by Shankar Mahadevan, lyrics and production by Farrukh Malhar and music by Farrukh Abid and Shoaib Farrukh.


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