Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 2.jpg
A promotional logo image of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
Genre Indian soap opera
Created by Director Kut's Productions
Written by Kamlesh Pandey, Dilip Jha & Archita Vishwas
Directed by Mandar Devasthali, Sharad Pandey & Rishi Mandial
Creative director(s) Ritesh Modi

Kritika Kamra
Sharad Kelkar
Mohnish Bahl
Rukhsar Rehman

(For entire cast see below)
Opening theme "Saiyan Naino Ki Bhasha" by Sukanya Purkayastha
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes total 361
Editor(s) Sameer Gandhi
Cinematography Satish Shetty
Running time approx. 20 minutes
Original channel Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original run October 3, 2011 – March 28, 2013
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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge (People Will Talk) was a Hindi television serial on Sony Entertainment Television India. It premiered on 3 October 2011 and is loosely based on the Pakistani television drama Dhoop Kinare.[1] Kuch Toh Log Kahenge ended on March 28, 2013.


Kuch Toh Log Kahenge is a love story between two people who have a substantial 18 year age gap. Apart from having an age gap they are also from different generations and are completely different in terms of personality and their outlooks on life.[2] The show revolves around a team of doctors and their daily routines, among them are Dr. Nidhi Verma (Kritika Kamra) and Dr. Ashutosh Mathur (Mohnish Bahl / Sharad Kelkar),who work in the Kotnis's hospital in Lucknow.

Dr. Nidhi Verma, an intern at the Hospital falls in love with Dr. Ashutosh Mathur, however he is nearly 18 years older than her. Dr. Ashutosh Mathur and Dr. Mallika (Rukhsar Rehman) have been friends since college and Dr. Mallika also loves him. When Mallika gets to know about Nidhi's feelings she gets into the work[clarification needed] to turn her life into hell. Meanwhile Nidhi is given a home by an unknown man. However, she does not know that that it is Dr. Ashutosh's father's home, which he wants at any cost.

As time passes on, two angels—Armaan (Nitesh Pandey) and Rohan (Karan Wahi) arrive who persuade Nidhi and Ashutosh to propose each other. However as fate had Nidhi's family arranges her marriage with Rohan so Nidhi reveals her feelings for Ashutosh to her family. But Nidhi's family is reluctant with this relationship and situations get worse. Nidhi has to sell the property she got, which is in turn bought by Mallika. She is also taken far away from Lucknow. Ashutosh gets to know about Nidhi but her family ignores him. Days later Mallika keeps a proposal in front of him that he may get his paternal house only if he marries her. When Ashutosh refuses she marries her college-time friend, Jagan Mehta. Nidhi and Ashutosh are still parted, but they yet love each other madly. On the other hand Nidhi's best friend since childhood, Anjalika a.k.a.Anji (Ishita Sharma) and Dr. Ashutosh's junior, Dr. Ranganath (Vishal Malhotra) also fall in love.

Nidhi starts working in a NGO where she meets an old man who has lost his memory and he turns out to be Dr. Ashutosh's adoptive father and her maternal grandfather, Dr. Mathur (Alok Nath). Ashutosh's happiness has no limits and he takes him home. When Dr. Mathur gets to know about Nidhi and Ashutosh's relationship he begs his son-in-law (Nidhi's father) and other family members to agree for the marriage irrespective of the age gap. Nidhi's father, Col. Yograj agrees but dadi Buaa takes some time. After everyone agrees the wedding preparations start. But fate had other plans in store. Anji's mother and Anji get to know that Rohan has started loving Nidhi and wants to marry her. When Nidhi gets to know this from Rohan himself, she is shocked and she refuses stating that she only loves Dr. Ashutosh. A sad Rohan leaves with a heavy heart, after which Nidhi and Dr. Ashutosh's grand wedding take place.

Months later Jagan comes to Ashutosh and blames him for abducting Mallika. He also tells that he will not leave Mallika. Nidhi unable to see Ashutosh worry the whole day asks him to find Mallika. After a lot of attempts he finds Mallika in a very bad condition. After a lot of treatment she reveals that Jagan used to torture and beat her and also that he is already married and has children. Mallika asks to stay with Ashutosh but she has some other plans to destroy Nidhi's life. As she starts living in Nidhi and Ashutosh's house she leaves no stone upturned to prove her the wrongdoer. But when her cunning ways are revealed Ashutosh ousts her from his house. Just after all the mess ends Anji and Ranganath's wedding takes place and Nidhi becomes a full fledged doctor. The story goes on with Nidhi and Ashutosh's married life.

Dr. Mallika is living in a house and she is pregnant with Jagan's child.Dr.Ashutosh meets Dr.Mallika and helps her. Nidhi doesn't likes this and tells Ashutosh to stop meeting Mallika. Ashutosh explains that Mallika is pregnant so he is helping her. Nidhi is not convinced with this and doubts Dr. Ashutosh.Ashutosh is shocked. Nidhi leaves from Dr. Ashutosh's house and shifts to her father's house. Everyone tries to make Nidhi and Ashutosh close but in vain.

A patient is brought in the hospital by Nidhi which is injured in firing. He was shot during a chase. That patient's name was Aman (Dheeraj Dhoopar) and he was a student.Nidhi admits him in the hospital and gives him better treatment.Aman is grateful to Nidhi for her treatment and thanks Nidhi for her help.Actually he had fallen love with Nidhi unaware of her marriage.police arrives and go for inquiry in Aman's room.But he refuses to tell everything. he only said that he is a student. It is later revealed that he is younger brother of goon Bajrang so he didn't wanted to tell anyone about him. Bajrang arrives in the hospital to meet Aman.Ashutosh finds about aman's romantic liking towards Nidhi.Ashutosh tells Nidhi about Aman's liking towards her but she doesn't believes.Ashutosh tells the truth to Aman that Nidhi is his Wife.Aman is shocked and heart- broken. Aman asks Nidhi about her marriage and reveals that he had fallen in love with her. Nidhi says that she didn't considered important to tell about her marriage. Bajrang reveals to Aman that he will help for his brother's love.Aman strictly refuses. Babu Bajrangi kidnaps Dr. Ashutosh. Nidhi and Dr. Ragnath with help of Aman rescue Dr. Ashutosh.Bajrang is arrested but Dr.Ashutosh is injured by bullet. Nidhi and Ashutosh realise that they still love each other and care for each other. Nidhi returns to Dr. Ashutosh's home.

Mallika meets Nidhi and apologizes for everything and reveals that she is going to Australia forever to live with her brother. Nidhi discovers about Dr.Mathur's past. Dr. Mathur was in love with his college friend Dr.Aradhana (Anju Mahendru) before marriage. Because of some reason he couldn't marry her. Nidhi decides to find Dr. Aradhana as Dr. Mathur was taking Aradhana's name.but Ashutosh was against this because it may affect Dr.Mathur's health and it may give him pain as Dr.Mathur has started suffering from brain disease.But Nidhi decides to go to Allahabad to find Dr. Aradhana.Nidhi finds Aradhana's clinic and goes there pretending to be a patient.Nidhi tells her about Dr. Mathur and asks her to come to Lucknow. Dr. Aradhana is furious to hear Dr. Mathur's name and asks Nidhi to leave.Nidhi tells her about Dr. Mathur's illness. Dr. Aradhana still refuses to come as she hates him for not marrying her.After Nidhi returns to Lucknow Dr.Aradhana also arrives there after some time. She meets Dr. Mathur and says that her visit is for asking questions. Dr. Mathur says that she had misunderstood him. He wanted to marry her but he had to marry his principle's daughter to save him from humiliation because principle's daughter was getting married to someone else but in the marriage venue the groom refused to marry her because he wanted money from his would be father-in-law and he couldn't afford it.Dr.Aradhana feels sorry for misunderstanding Dr. Mathur for many years. There, in the hospital Dr.Ragnath is falsely accused for accepting bribe.Dr.Nidhi and Ashutosh decide to investigate and with the help of Daksh (Dakssh Ajit Singh) (son of trustee of Kotnis hospital Mr.Bharadwaj and CEO of Kotnis) find the real culprit and prove Dr. Rangnath innocent.It is later revealed that Daksh was pretending to help Dr.Nidhi and Ashutosh because he wanted to impress Dr.Nidhi. Later he tried to create problems for Dr.Ashutosh but Dr.Nidhi And Ashutosh didn't paid heed to him.Later it is revealed that Daksh is son of Dr.Aradhana and Mr.Bharadwaj.Later after some days because of Nidhi And Ashutosh Daksh meets his mother and elder sister and apologises to Nidhi and Ashutosh.Aradhana leaves for Allahabad with Divya (Aradhana Uppal)(Aradhana's daughter) and Daksh.

Anji shares the news of her pregnancy with Nidhi.Nidhi also starts thinking about having a child. Nidhi and Ashutosh's wedding anniversary comes. Nidhi and Ashutosh celebrate their first wedding anniversary by visiting the same Durgah which they visited before where they first realized love. Everybody congratulate Nidhi and Ashutosh on their wedding anniversary. Nidhi and Ashutosh spend some romantic moments together.On next day Nidhi discovers that she has pregnancy symptoms.

She tells Ashutosh about this and everybody becomes happy.but when reports come negative Nidhi discovers that she had false pregnancy. Nidhi after some days again has same symptoms.Nidhi confirms her pregnancy and then Nidhi and Ashutosh reveal the truth of Nidhi's pregnancy on the eve of Holi and decide to look towards the future with their child.promisisng to return with KTLK season 2



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