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Location Map of Kudat Division.

Kudat Division is an administrative division of Sabah, east Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It occupies the northern tip of Sabah. With an area of 4,623 square kilometres (6.3% of Sabah's territory), it is the smallest of the five divisions of Sabah.

The main towns are Kudat, Kota Marudu and Pitas, which are the administrative centres of the three Districts of the same names. The division had 186,516 inhabitants at the 2010 Census, comprising approximately 6% of Sabah's total population. Kudat Seaport serves the region for mainly commodity transportation. The domestic air strip serves the region in a minimal way.


Kudat Division is sub-divided into three administrative districts as follows:

  • Kota Marudu (1,917 km2) with 65,807 inhabitants in 2010
  • Kudat (1,287 km2) with 83,123 inhabitants in 2010
  • Pitas (1,419 km2) with 37,586 inhabitants in 2010

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