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The Kudroli Bhagavathi Temple is situated in a two acre scenic plot in the heart of Mangalore in Karnataka. It is close to Hampankatta.


The temple is 800 years old. The four renovated temple complexes were built by Karnataka and Kerala artisans using black granite and wood carvings. Ancient single stone multistage granite carvings known as “Veerastambha” can be found in the temple. The famous “Shri Narayana Guru” statue is carved in white marble and situated in the entrance. The presiding deity of the Kudroli Bhagavathi Temple is “Shri Cheerumbha Bhagavathi”.

The Arka Ganapathi Temple and the Venkataramana Temple are close by and have “Shri Padangara Bhagavathi” and "Pullurali Bhagavathi" as the presiding deities.

Kudroli Bhagavathi Kshethra


The ‘Nadavali’ festival is held every year in March. Every seven years, the festival of “Bharani” is held, which lasts seven days. The Kaliyata festival is held once every 25 years. It is a combination of festivals held in 17 temples from Udupi in Karnataka to Kasaragod in Kerala.

Annual Utsavas (Festivals) held at Shree Kshethra[edit]

  • Nadavali Utsava- March
  • Siyala Abisheka- May
  • Karkataka Sankramana -July
  • Simha(Sona) Sankaramana -August
  • Navaratri Utsava September – October
  • Bramhashree naryana Guru Jayanthi