Kufor a šál

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"Kufor a šál"
Single by Marika Gombitová and Janko Lehotský
from the album Dievča do dažďa
B-side "Nostalgia" (by Gombitová)
Released 1980
Recorded 1979
Genre Pop rock
Length 3:33
Label OPUS (#9143 0521)
  • Ján Lauko
  • Milan Vašica
Music sample
Marika Gombitová singles chronology
"Kufor a šál"
"Domy na zbúranie"

"Kufor a šál" (English: A Suit and a Scarf) is a song by Marika Gombitová and Janko Lehotský released on OPUS in 1980.[1][2]

The single, written by Janko Lehotský and Kamil Peteraj, was taken from the Gombitová's debut album Dievča do dažďa (1979). An international version of the song was entitled "I'm Flying" in English, and attached to the singer's export album Rainy Day Girl.

B-side of the single featured "Nostalgia", a solo track by Gombitová, also from her debut set.

Official versions[edit]

  1. "Kufor a šál" - Original version, 1979
  2. "I'm Flying" - International version, 1980

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