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Republik Kugelmugel
Flag Official seal
Status Government in Exile
Location 7.68m in diameter within Austria
Capital Kugelmugel
Official languages German
Organizational structure Republic
 -  President Edwin Lipburger
 -  Declared 1984 
 -  estimate 1 (in exile)
The "Republic of Kugelmugel"
Another view of Kugelmugel

Kugelmugel is a former micronation located in Vienna, Austria.

Located in Vienna Prater, the Republic of Kugelmugel declared independence in 1984, after disputes between artist Edwin Lipburger and Austrian authorities over building permits for the ball-shaped house which he built in the countryside in Lower Austria and which was moved into the park by the authorities. The house is enclosed by a barbed-wire fence and is the only address within the proclaimed Republic. Its address is "2, Antifaschismusplatz 1" (2nd district (Leopoldstadt), "Anti-Fascism Square" No. 1), and the founder is the head of state of hundreds of non-resident citizens. Lipburger refused to pay taxes to the Austrian government and began to print his own stamps, for which he received a prison sentence in court. Only a pardon by the Austrian President saved him from going to jail.

Austrian state officials relocated the structure to the Prater park and surrounded it with barbed wire fencing.

Kugelmugel has since become a tourist attraction in Vienna due to its unique history and architecture. The word "Kugel" means "sphere" in German; the word "Mugel" is an Austrian German expression for "bump" or "mogul".[1]

Kugelmugel in popular culture[edit]

Kugelmugel is a minor character in the manga Hetalia: Axis Powers.

He is an art-loving young man, with white hair worn in long twin braids and purple eyes.[2] He and Ladonia are the shortest current characters, aside from the Chibitalia cast.

He is shown in his debut questioning whether multiple things are considered art, specifically Baumkuchen[3] and revolution. He then comes to the conclusion that declaring his independence is art, and excitedly goes on about this point.



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