Kuhn vs. Popper

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Kuhn vs. Popper: The Struggle for the Soul of Science (Revolutions in Science)
Kuhn vs Popper.jpg
Author Steve Fuller
Language English
Published 2003

Kuhn vs. Popper: The Struggle for the Soul of Science (Revolutions in Science) is a 2003 book by Steve Fuller published by Columbia University Press.


Fuller uses the 1965 meeting between Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper, in which they discussed the philosophy of science, as a point of departure to discuss how their respective philosophies have been received by the media, the public, and scholars.


Rupert Read called the book worthless, and wrote that it presented an over-simplified and distorted view of both Popper and Kuhn.[1] The Economist wrote that the book was not thorough enough to be convincing.[2] The mass circulation US magazine Popular Science made the book Book of the Month in February 2005.[3] A UK-based on-line site, also called 'Popular Science' but bearing no relation to the magazine, called the book meaningless babble.[4]


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