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View of Kuklen.jpg
Coordinates: 42°01′59″N 24°46′59″E / 42.033°N 24.783°E / 42.033; 24.783Coordinates: 42°01′59″N 24°46′59″E / 42.033°N 24.783°E / 42.033; 24.783
Country Bulgaria
Province Plovdiv Province
Municipality Kuklen Municipality
Kulken in Bulgaria
Kulken in Bulgaria
Kuklen (Bulgaria)

Kuklen (Bulgarian: Куклен) is a town in southern Bulgaria, part of Plovdiv Province. It is located 14 km to the south of the nearest major town, Plovdiv, and is approximately 100 km south west of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Kuklen was proclaimed a town on 23 May 2006 and as of 2005 had a population of 6,877. It is the center of Kuklen Municipality.

Kuklen is notable for having, despite its low population, not only a majority Bulgarian Orthodox population with several Orthodox churches, but also Muslim residents and a mosque, as well as a Greek Catholic community and a Catholic place of worship, with all three religious communities living on good terms with each other.[1]


Kuklen is located in the plains of the Rhodopes, 7 km. east of Plovdiv.


Coat of arms of Kuklen

The number of permanent residents in Kuklen is 6,881, and 6,000 more are temporary.

As of February 2011, Kuklen has 5,858 residents.


The war memorial in Kuklen.


Kuklen Point on Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands is named after Kuklen.