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"Kulab" redirects here. For the villages in Iran, see Kulab, Iran.
Kulob Welcoming Gate
Kulob Welcoming Gate
Kulob is located in Tajikistan
Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 37°54′33″N 69°46′55″E / 37.90917°N 69.78194°E / 37.90917; 69.78194
Country  Tajikistan
Province Khatlon
District Kulob district
Population (2003)
 • Total 82,000

Kulob (Tajik: Кӯлоб / Persian: کولاب‎, meaning swampy place, rushes), also Kulab or Kulyab (Russian: Куляб), is a city in Kulob district, Khatlon Province, Tajikistan. Located 203 km south-east of the capital Dushanbe on the Yakhsu River (a right tributary of Panj), it is one of the largest cities in the country (pop. 150,000 in 2010).


Marriage Registry Department in Kulob

Part of the Khanate of Bukhara since the 16th century (the Emirate of Bukhara since the 18th century), the city changed its name from Khatlon to Kulob in 1750.[1] In 1921 Soviet rule was established.[2]

In September 2006 Kulob celebrated its 2700th anniversary.[3][4]