Kulon Progo Regency

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Kulon Progo Regency
Kabupaten Kulon Progo
Regency (Kabupaten)
Glagah Beach, one of the black sand beaches in Kulon Progo regency.
Glagah Beach, one of the black sand beaches in Kulon Progo regency.
Official seal of Kulon Progo Regency
Motto: Binangun
Kulon Progo Regency in Special Region of Yogyakarta
Kulon Progo Regency in Special Region of Yogyakarta
Coordinates: 7°38′42″S 110°1′37″E / 7.64500°S 110.02694°E / -7.64500; 110.02694Coordinates: 7°38′42″S 110°1′37″E / 7.64500°S 110.02694°E / -7.64500; 110.02694
Country Indonesia
Special Administrative Region Yogyakarta
Capital Wates
 • Regent dr.H.Hasto Wardoyo,Sp.OG(K)
 • Total 586.27 km2 (226.36 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 404,155
 • Density 690/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Post Code 55000
Area code(s) 0274
Website www.kulonprogokab.go.id

Kulon Progo Regency [ˈkulɔn pəˈroɡo] is one of the four regencies within the Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. The name stems from the fact that the regency is located to the west (in Javanese "kulon") of the Progo River. The capital is Wates. The greatest part of the population of the regency work as farmers. Kulon Progo is surrounded by the Menoreh Hills. The area of the regency is 586.27 km², and the population was 388,755 at the 2010 Census; the latest estimate (for January 2014) is 404,155.

Administrative districts[edit]

Kulon Progo Regency is divided into 12 districts, listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:[1]


Some local development efforts, carried on with the support of local cooperatives, work towards reafforestation activities. Trees being planted in the regency for both commercial and social reasons include Jati (Teak or Tecnona grandis), Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni), Albasia (Albizia), and sono keliling (Blackwood or Rosewoon, Dalbergia latifolia).[2]

New International Airport[edit]

The central Indonesian government has indicated that a new airport for the Yogyakarta Special Region will be located in the Kulon Progo Regency. The plan is to build an airport with a 3,250 metre runway with 45 meters width and dual linear terminals to serve as an international gateway. The initial plan is to provide facilities to serve up to 10 million passengers per year for 28 aircraft together. Later expansions might accommodate up to 20 million passengers per year in phase-3. Around 637 hectares of land is being set aside for the project. Of this, 40% is classified as "Paku Alam (Sultan)" land while the rest belongs to local communities. The location is in Temon District between Congot Beach and Glagah Beach (which covers Palihan village, Sindutan village, Jangkaran village and Glagah village). In August 2013, 75 percent of land has been occupied.[3][4]

Sermo Dam[edit]

Sermo Dam in Kulon Progo Regency is the best dam in water quality among dams in Indonesia, with minimal sedimentation. The area of the reservoir formed by the dam is 21.3 square kilometres with 21.9 million cubic metres of reservoir and functioning for 7,152 hectares irrigation, 150 litres/second of water treatment and 50 litres/second for cleaning of Wates City drainage.[5]


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Kiskendo Cave, one of the many caves in Kulon Progo regency.

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