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Kumba Iron Ore is an iron ore mining company in South Africa. It is the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world and the largest in Africa.[1][2]


Kumba Iron Ore is a successor of Kumba Resources. Kumba Resources was listed on the JSE in 2001. Kumba Resources was reorganized in November 2006 when coal and heavy minerals operations were spun off to newly created companies Kumba Iron Ore (Heavy minerals) and Exxaro Resources(Coal).[3]


Kumba Iron Ore owns 74% in Sishen Iron Ore Company (SIOC). Rest of SIOC is owned by Exxaro, SIOC Employee Share Participation Scheme and the SIOC Community Development Trust. Through the SIOC, Kumba Iron Ore owns Thabazimbi and Sishen iron ore mines.


Shareholders of Kumba Iron Ore are:


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