Kumurdo Cathedral

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Kumurdo Cathedral
კუმურდოს ტაძარი
Kumurdo Cathedral, Georgia.jpg
Kumurdo Cathedral
Basic information
Location Kumurdo Village, Akhalkalaki District, Georgia
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Architectural description
Completed 10th century during the reign of King Leon III of Abkhazia

Kumurdo Cathedral (Georgian: კუმურდო) is a Georgian Orthodox Cathedral. It is situated on Javakheti Plateau, 12 km (7.5 mi) southwest from Akhalkalaki.[1] According to the inscriptions on the walls, written with the ancient Georgian writing of Asomtavruli, the Kumurdo Cathedral was built by Ioane the Bishop during the reign of king of the Abkhazians Leon in 964.[2][1] During the Middle Ages, Kumurdo was an important cultural, educational and religious center. In split of, this cathedral was restored twice (1930; 1970–1980), this cathedral is left without dome.


The domed building was constructed in stone and was decorated with fine engravings. The windows around the altar are decorated with replicas of bulls, eagles, lions and angels. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with mural paintings. Of special interest is a portrait of Queen Guranducht, the mother of King Bagrat III.


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