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Kumutrampatti is a small village near Kottampatti (Gateway to Madurai District). In early 90's, it was famous for their people engaged in caste based riots. But today the village has transformed into a modern university. Total Population is about 300 & Literacy rate is nearly 75%.

Some Personalities from the village includes:

  • C.RASU Servai - the eldest brother who looked after the welfare & administration of the family of Chinnaiah servai.......
  • C.RAMU Servai - the most powerful man in his era around that area. He worked for the development of DMK in Madurai, Trichy, Sivagangai & Pudukottai area during Congress era.
  • C.ARUNACHALAM Servai - current district councillor of Madurai. Also the owner of Famous Aruna Coir Factory in Pallaptti..