Kun kello käy

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Finland "Kun kello käy"
Eurovision Song Contest 1968 entry
Country Finland
Artist(s) Kristina Hautala
Language Finnish
Composer(s) Esko Linnavalli
Lyricist(s) Juha Vainio
Conductor Ossi Runne
Finals performance
Final result 16th
Final points 1
Appearance chronology
◄ "Varjoon - suojaan" (1967)   
"Kuin silloin ennen" (1969) ►

"Kun kello käy" ("When time goes by") was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1968, performed in Finnish by Kristina Hautala.

Written by Esko Linnavalli and lyricist Juha Vainio, "Kun kello käy" was introduced by Hautala on an YLE TV2 broadcast on February 10, 1968 on which Hautala and five other singers: Anki, Johnny, Irina Milan, Aarno Raninen and Inga Sulin, each performed one of the six songs being considered to be that year's Finnish entrant at Eurovision. For the first time in Finland's Eurovision participation which dated from 1961, the Finnish Eurovision entrant was selected based on ballots mailed in by the viewing public: on February 17, 1968[1] "Kun kello käy" was announced as the top vote-getter and therefore Hautala would perform her number to represent Finland at Eurovision 1968.

"Kun kello käy" was performed by Hautala on the night of competition held April 6, 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Hautala performing subsequent to Claes-Göran Hederström of Sweden singing "Det börjar verka kärlek, banne mej" and being followed by Isabelle Aubret of France singing "La source". At the close of voting, "Kun kello käy" had received 1 point, only the judge from Norway having voted for the song which resultantly shared last place - 16th in a field of 17 - in a tie with Ronnie Tober representing the Netherlands with the song "Morgen". Two of Finland's prior Eurovision bids had received zero points but in neither instance had the relevant song been viewed as a real contender: it was the poor showing of "Kun kello käy" at Eurovision 1968 which consolidated the long standing perception of that nation's Eurovision participation being risible.[2]

The subsequent Finnish entrant in the 1969 Contest was "Kuin silloin ennen" performed by Jarkko & Laura.

Hautala also recorded ""Kun kello käy"" in Swedish as "Vänta och se" ("Wait and See") whose lyrics were written by Stig Anderson.


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