Kun ystävyyssuhteet solmitaan

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Kun ystävyyssuhteet solmitaan (Finnish)
När vänskapsbanden knytes (Swedish)
Artist Wäinö Aaltonen
Year 1948
Type Bronze
Location Gothenburg/Turku
När vänskapsbanden knytes in Gothenburg

Kun ystävyyssuhteet solmitaan (Finnish) or När vänskapsbanden knytes (Swedish, "When Friendships are Made") is a sculpture erected by Wäinö Aaltonen, located in the Puutori market square in Turku, Finland. It symbolises the twin town partnership of Turku and Göteborg.[1] There are two sculptures, the original in Gothenburg and its duplicate at Aninkaistenkatu 12 in Turku.

The City of Turku commissioned Aaltonen to make the sculpture for Göteborg as a thank you for aiding Turku during wartime. The statues were ready in 1948 and their unveiling was in 1955, first in Gothenburg on 8 may and then in Turku on 21 May. Commercial counsellor Leo Weinstein donated the duplicate, that is located in Turku, to the city.

Kun ystävyyssuhteet solmitaan is made of bronze and stands 2.95m high. The base of the sculpture is red granite and stands 1.7m high. The sculpture depicts a man and a woman, both on horseback, meeting each other, symbolising the friendship between the two cities.

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Coordinates: 60°27′19.0″N 22°16′11.5″E / 60.455278°N 22.269861°E / 60.455278; 22.269861