Kuna de Wargandí

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Location of Kuna de Wargandí in Panama

Kuna de Wargandí (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuna ðe warˈɣandi]) is a comarca indígena (indigenous territory) in Panamá. It was created in 2000 from the province of Darién, from the district of Pinogana. It has an area of 775 square kilometres (299 sq mi). It is inhabited by the Kuna people.


It is a region of Kuna and its status is local township, so this has no political subdivision or capital. It is located in the basin are high Chucunaque River in the territory segregated districts Pinogana Chepigana and the province of Darien. People live in three communities, Mortí, Nurra and Wala.

This comarca is not divided into districts. The community of Nurra serves as its capital.

Coordinates: 8°51′25″N 77°58′41″W / 8.857°N 77.978°W / 8.857; -77.978